Top 54 Content Creation Tools For Entrepreneurs And Content Marketing35 min read

Best Content Creation tools for content marketing
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Table of Contents

Have you been in need of tools (or better tools) to help create your content? You’re in luck because I will be showing you the best 54 content creation tools to help you out.

Content creation/ writing is an inbound marketing tool. It is needed to help entrepreneurs navigate your information’s and updates easily which in return adds value to your new, existing and intending customers through quality engagements.

Creating contents can sometimes be exhausting. First, you have to make a find content topics/idea to write about. Secondly, you have to develop the content, optimize it and more.

Unfortunately, the journey doesn’t end here. We all know that multimedia contents perform better so you have to think of how to create graphics, videos animations and more.

As an entrepreneur or a startup, you might not have the cash to employ the necessary professionals and need to take care of somethings yourself. Here is where these tools come in handy.

These tools which we have compiled to help you in your content creation and content marketing activities. Most of these tools are free and you can decide to go for their premium plans for additional features.

There is a list of content writing and content marketing tools that are free and I will be educating you on few of them

Note: Content could take so many forms, the most common ones includes blog-posts, social media posts, graphics/infographics, memes etc

Content Ideas Generators

Generating ideas sometimes can hinder you from doing what needs to be done. You want to create and publish content but you don’t even know where to start from. These first series of tools we will be going over would help you get over that.

1. HubSpot Blog Idea Generator

Hubspot Topic Generator

Hubspot Blog idea generator is usually my no. 1 go-to when it comes to finding topic ideas. The major reason for this is that interface is really interactive, simple and easy to use. It is free to use and you can get a lot of ideas by inputting some keywords.

Generating ideas, content creation and marketing has never been easier with amazing tools like this provided by Hubspot.

2. Portent Content Idea Generator


Portent’s Content Idea Generator is a very amazing tool that you can use to get a lot of content ideas easily and very fast. The best part about this content creation tool is the fact that it is totally free and it has a very intuitive layout that is really straight forward.

You can use this every time to endlessly generate topic ideas for your content which you can format and develop for blog posts, social media posts and more.

If you find it difficult to get the right topics or content ideas, you can surely turn to this tool for help. This will save you lots of time for brainstorming and help you create amazing content for your audience.

I have taught this tool to a lot of people and they have found it really helpful and I think it would be very good for you also.

3. Answer the public

Answer the Public

Answer the public is another free content idea creation tool and actually works by curating the most frequent search terms on the web. What I love most about this tool is the visual representation of the results it gives to you.

For example, if you enter something such as “Content Marketing”, Answer the Public would give you a visual/graphical representation of the content ideas you can transform or develop into your content.

This free tool also shows you the relationship between these content ideas, how they are used, if they are asked as a question or compared with other terms or more. You can surely see how this tool can be useful if you are stranded content-wise.

4. Social Bakers Inspiration

social bakers inspiration

This free content idea tool allows you to find and use contents with the best performance on social media. This is especially useful if you want to created content streamlined especially for social media marketing.

Socialbakers would help you confidently create content by eliminating all stress of guessing which content you should create or will perform better. It has a free version which you can keep using or you can also apply for the trial version to test its full features.

5. Google Trends

Google Trends

This content creation and marketing tool come directly from Google which gives you useful content idea from the most popular search engine. Google Trends works by analyzing search terms from the search engine and the categorization based on popularity, regions, timeframes, languages etc.

The data is displayed graphically and it is very easy to use and accessible to everyone. You can find the top search terms of keywords that you are interested in and filter it based on various metrics.

This is especially useful for SEO as it is a form of Keyword Research, enabling you to target and write content which your audience needs.

6. Google Alerts

Google Alerts

Since you Google Trends to find search terms that are useful for you and write content for that, you can use Google Alerts to bring these contents to you.

Basically, what you need to do is choose specific topics that are related to your niche and in your content marketing strategy. You will then receive alerts in your email inbox relating to these topics, when they are searched for and are trending.

7. Scoop.it

Scoop It

Scoop.it allows you to find and monitor content ideas from various sources globally. You can use this content idea/marketing tool to curate content from various third-party sources set in a format that would be useful for you.

This tool would allow you to share the content however you want or need it.

Content Optimization tools

In this section, we would be looking at content creation tools that would help you optimize the content you create to perform better.

8. Grammarly


Grammarly is one of my best content creation tools. If you are really into content writing, you would understand the importance of proofreading. Apart from using Microsoft word proofing tools, Grammarly is one other tool I make frequent use of and especially for the web.

Chances are while creating your content, you have missed a letter in your spelling or maybe something is amiss in your lexis and structure; Grammarly helps you rectify that.

Grammarly has been helpful to me not just while writing, optimizing or publishing articles, but social media posts, emails, comments and more.

You might make use of the free version or get the premium version for a more personalized experience.

9. Hemingway App

Hemingway App Editor

Similar to Grammarly, Hemingway app is also a free online writing assistant and one for the content creation tools worth checking out. It is especially useful for grammatical checks and correcting grammatical errors.

Hemingway app allows you to paste your content directly in its editor and then analyzes it for readability, spelling and grammar issues as well as the amount of passive or active voice.

Improving your readability with these tools will help your content make much more sense to your audience.

10. Optimizely


This is a tool that is especially useful for web content creators, website managers, blogger etc. Optimizely helps you get the best out of your content marketing strategy. This content marketing tool can give you your website analysis, bounce rate, on-site time and help you improve these metrics in order to build better relationship with your audience and increase conversion.

11. Yoast

Yoast SEO

If you have heard of or use WordPress to build your website, then Yoast SEO Plugin is a must have for SEO, Readability and more.

This is my no 1. On-page SEO tool as it helps give the score of the readability and SEO-friendliness of your content in real-time. Thing such as keyword optimization, adding, previewing and editing meta-description, permalinks, suggesting relevant internal links becomes easier with Yoast. It will also give you suggestions of how you can improve these metrics to improve your content overall.

Yoast also analyzes your website overall and helps you technical SEO issues on-page SEO issues. Some of its other numerous functions include generation of sitemap, website analysis etc.

They have over 9,000,000 downloads, 4.9 out of 5 stars in the WordPress marketplace which shows that they are trusted by a lot of websites.

However, you should note that Yoast doesn’t take away other works you still need to do such as Keyword Research or other advanced SEO features provided by other marketing tools. You will still need to actively create strategies to further increase your content marketing effectiveness.

Free Stock Websites

Using the term content creation tools doesn’t exactly describe these next series of tools. If you need high-quality images to use in your posts, graphics or others; these websites would provide you with all you need.

12. Pixabay


Pixabay is the best free stock photos website as far as I am concerned. You can download unlimited times and can create an

account for free to add to this awesome website.

If you need free images/background for your graphics, blog posts, social media, videos, animations and more, PIxabay is there for you. One of its best features is you can download these images in different sizes/resolutions.

Pixabay also has other stock resources apart from images, you can also get vectors, video and much more from it.

13. Pexels


Pexels is another great free image stock website. It hand-selects its images from a variety of free image sources. All of Pexels free images are licensed Creative Commons Zero which means you can use them freely for commercial or public use without attribution requirements.

In fact, WordPress recently integrated Pexels in its media library so you can choose and use their images anytime. So, Pexels is a great addition as a content marketing tool to help you create beautiful image base multimedia

14. Unsplash


Unsplash has hundreds of thousands of photographers who contributes their images. The images are then compiled by the team, optimized and uploaded to the website. Images from unsplash also have Creative Commons Zero license so you can use them without worry.

Graphics Content Creators

This series of content creation tools would help spice up your content, make it attractive, increase engagements and more.

15. Canva


If you are not a graphics designer, don’t have the luxury of hiring one or want to take care of some media content yourself, then Canva is there for you.

Canva comes with pre-built templates and layouts, which you can easily edit and manipulate in no time to create something your readers will love. Different layouts have been pre-designed for various platforms you can think of.

You can drag and drop various graphical elements from the tool into your designs, and there are tons of options to choose from.

Canva has become a popular tool since its debut and also has Android and iOS apps which you can use to make graphics on mobile. In fact, I have taught this tool in various classes and it doesn’t take one of two classes to cover what you need to know.

Canva doesn’t only cover logo and graphics design but infographics, videos etc. It is a very amazing tool and free for most part. That is the best part about it. It has been seen as essential content marketing tools by many professionals.

16. Desygner

Desygner Graphics Content Creation tool

Desygner is another online software similar to Canva and has amazing features likewise. It is a graphics design tool made for non-graphics designers with millions of people using it worldwide.

I have tested and used it a lot of time and found it as easy as Canva. Besides if you are tired of the templates on Canva, you can dig into Desygner and find new streaks of graphics design templates. The best part is Desygner has some advance features other tools might not have which includes social media publishing etc.

17. Visme

Visme Graphics Design

This is another interesting free content creation tool. It comes with an extensive library of templates, icons, objects, etc. which you can choose from.  You can use Visme to create interesting designs and build infographics, ad banners, charts, reports, and social media visuals.

Apart from the features which they have made free, Visme also have paid versions featuring advanced functionalities at very affordable prices, with deals/discounts for.

18. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is another amazing and quick software for content creation. It has graphics design features that allows you to easily combine text, images, and video content and it is best suited for storytelling online.

The mobile application is something you can also use to help out on mobile.

19. BeFunky Graphic Designer

Befunky graphics designer

BeFunky Graphic Designer is a very fast way to create quick graphics design, collages and photo edits. It also allows you to create cards, brochures, posters etc. It is a tool definitely worth checking out

20. Pixlr

Pixlr apps

Pixlr is another one of the free content creation tools which is useful and you should try out. It has a lot of functions and can be used for adding fun filters, image editing and other features similar to Photoshop.

21. Snappa


In case you are in need of another nice image editor or graphics designer, Snappa is the tool for you. Snappa is an amazing web that lets you create graphics and more for social media, ads, blogs etc. It has a full-featured drag and drop user interface, which lets you add and edit effects with a slider. Snappa also allows you to upload your own graphics, and save your designs in folders.

22. Stencil


With Stencil, you can easily create fast images in no time. Stencil streamlines content creation for social media. This app has a simple, easy to use interface to allow you to easily combine photos, icons, and more to create your own images. It also comes with a lot such as lots of templates, quote graphic templates, etc.

23. Quotes Cover

Quotes Cover

Quotes Cover is a free content creation tool that allows you to easily create quote of different design, layouts and formats. It is a very easy tool to use. You can confidently design quotes for your social media page effortlessly and quick and it is a free digital content tool… So, if you like to design quotes, Quotes cover is a good choice for you.

They have design templates you can quickly edit and manipulate in a matter of minutes and you don’t have to login or sign up to use Quotes Cover.

24. Thinglink


ThingLink is another nice content creation tool to check out. It is very interactive and extends beyond creating graphics but you can also embed images, video, 360° content, maps and more.

Infographics Content Creation tools

25. Easel.ly


When trying to represent an idea in a visual way Easel.ly tool is the simplest online design tool, if you are someone that loves infographics but do not have enough funds to go pro on an app, lack design skills but want to deliver on time to your customers, then I guess you should opt in for Easel.ly.

Easel.ly is a tool that allows you to create infographics easily.  With this app you have over a thousand templet that can help guide you through and get you started just browse, select and drag a templet onto your page, customize and change the graphics and the colors to your own taste, they are icons and graphics for any idea or topic you need to represent even you want to share your data and graphs, they got you and it is free to get started.

It has thousands of pre-made infographics templates on resumes, reports, timelines etc. You can simply create, add and edit with photos, images, and charts. The free version gives you access to 10 templates, but you’ll get hundreds more with a paid plan.

26. Infogram


Infogram is another interactive visual content creation tool with a drag and drop interface to create stunning infographics. It is similar to easel.ly but unlike it, you get access to 37 types of interactive infographics plus 13 types of maps with the free account.

27. Venngage

Venngage infographics

Venngage is an easy to use infographics creation tool. You simply just have to choose a template, add elements and customize the design to your taste. It is free and great for creating infographics contents though some functionality is reduced in the free plan.

28. Google Charts

Google Charts

This helps you build charts for your data of your products, to make it organize. They are used to describe an information in a simpler way for the user example is when you want to know how your clothing business has improved over the years, a chart will be a better map for that. It can also be used when designing in infographics.

Video/Animation Content Creators

29. RenderForest


If video explainer is your thing, like you feel you can pass a detailed information through video’s and animations, then you should opt in for the beautiful application. With Render forest it gives you a way to create a high-quality explainer video in the matter of minutes to explain any topic for any occasion.

You get to create website, logo and mockup creation in one place. It just helps in creating visual content faster in general. Renderforest is great way to create fast visual content. It is a cloud-based animation and video maker helps you quickly make intro videos, explainer videos, presentations, infographics, and much more.

The free plan adds watermark to your works but they have really affordable plans you can check out.

30. Lumen5

Lumen 5

Lumen5 is a very interesting tool you should check out. It is a visual content creation tool that uses artificial intelligence to let you create a video from text. If you enter a website address the software will create videos to match, including photos and music.

The free plan allows you to create 3 videos per month with lumen5 branding while to can upgrade for more features and removal of watermark.

31. RawShorts

Raw Shorts

RawShorts is a tool that is great for making amazing explainer videos freely. It is a drag and drop video editor that helps you to easily create animated and explainer videos. There are lots of video templates you can use for various industries. This is one of the video content creation tools which offers easy customization. It is really easy to customize whichever you select, add other media, transitions, and audio to your video creation.

32. Boomerang

Boomerang from instagram

Boomerang is a video app from Instagram. It is available both as a standalone app and within the Instagram app itself. You can use boomerang to take short stop motion videos, and share them on Instagram. These are a highly engaging and popular content format on that platform.

33. Biteable


You can use Biteable  to create video ads, explainer videos, infographics animations and many more. There are pre-made templates, styles, soundtracks which you can choose from; you can also create your custom elements. The free plan allows you to create up to 5 videos per month and you can publish them to YouTube and Facebook. With just one click, you can share to the social media platform of your choice.

34. Powtoon


Powtoon allows you to create awesome videos and presentations easily. In fact, it is said that it bridges the gap between videos and presentations. Creating appealing visual content is very easy and takes no time at all. This is one of the content creation tools that offer a great way to attract your audience attention.

It is free to use though the free plan is limited to a maximum of 3 minutes length.

Screen Capture Tools

Do you need content to illustrate something for your audience? Maybe you have a blog or want to create tutorials and need sharp screenshots? These tools are definitely worth checking out.

35. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is my no. 1 choice when it comes to screen capture or recording. It is a browser extension available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari that lets you do a ton of stuffs. You can quickly capture web pages (full, partial), edit and add annotations. Awesome screenshot takes things further; it allows you to record videos and save in mp4 format. You can also store, organize, and share images, too.

36. CloudApp


CloudApp is another amazing option for this. It is the favourite choice for many as it allows you to create screenshots, screen recordings, and animated GIFs and on cloud. Using Cloudapp is very simple and you have access to make unlimited screenshots, even in the free version. Sharing and storing images is also something you don’t have to worry about.

37. Firefox Screenshots

Mozilla Firefox’s latest versions has this feature built-in. You only have to download and use the web browser to get started. It allows you take a part screenshot on a webpage, or from the visible part of the webpage or even the whole web page with just a couple of clicks. You get online storage for images, too.

38. Nimbus Capture

Nimbus Capture

Nimbus Capture is another nice browser screenshot tool that allows you to capture and edit screenshots. It is available in multiple platforms and browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge, as well as on Android, PCs, and Macs.

Meme Creation tools

Memes are funny stories and phrase that are expressed through pictures or Gifs, it is an idea or style that spreads from person to person with a culture with memes you can generate your own breaking news, create the funniest meme and share on social media. So, if you are good at shooting funny videos, meme should be in your list of apps to go for because it even helps you customize your pictures and videos to your own taste, you can use any form of image from animals to celebrities etc.

39. iMeme


iMeme is a free meme generator that allows you to create memes easily. You can use your photos for the memes or choose from the 50 common memes it made available. The only downside is that you can’t share your memes directly online and have to download and share manually.

40. Kawping


Unlike iMeme, Kawping allows you to create and share your memes directly. It is a simple meme creator that is really easy to use.

41. Meme Buddy

Meme Buddy

Meme Buddy takes a totally different approach to creating of memes. It allows you to make a meme using your voice. It is integrated with Google Assistant and you can just create a meme by simply speaking to your phone. You can choose/add images, add text, translate memes, and much more, all without having to touch a keyboard.

42. Meme Generator

Meme Generator

Creating meme with the Meme Generator is very simple, fast and straightforward. All you have to do is search for or add an image, add some text, your meme is then created and you can it.

43. Make a meme

Make a Meme

Using Make a Meme is very simple and easy. All you have to do is upload your image, add text via the onscreen input boxes, then press a button to create your meme. If you are satisfied with the result which it will display as a preview, then you can share it from the preview page.

GIF Creation tools

Utilizing animated images is something you should implement to increase the dynamicity of your content and get more visitors attentions. Below are the top tools for creating of GIFs

44. Gifmaker


GIFMaker is a free online GIF creator which allows you to create animated gifs, slideshows, video animations with music with ease. It allows you to upload up to 300 images to create a new animated GIF. There is an online GIF creator which you can utilize to change the canvas size and animation speed. You also have the option to add music from YouTube to make your GIF even more appealing.

45. Giphy


Giphy is a fast and easy to use GIF maker. It is one of the best-known content creation tools for social media.

You can create your GIFs by uploading images or GIFs, Video and it also supports links from YouTube, Vimeo and GIPHY. Some of the things you can do include setting your animation speed, adding some decorative effects etc., after which you can share your GIF.

It is an online GIF creator but also integrates with multiple apps to help people find the right GIF to share.

46. Ezgif


Esgif is another fast way to create GIFs. It allows you can upload series of images and it’ll create a GIF out of them. You can edit and adjust the order of the images, the GIF size, and animation settings.

Presentations Content Creation Tools

I decided to include this category as the usage and implementation of slides and presentations is increasing. This type of content is especially useful when dealing with education industry or corporate organizations. Here are some tools you should check out.

47. Google Slides

Google Slides

If you already use Google apps such as Google Docs, then Google Slides shouldn’t be too strange.  Google Slides helps you create, edit, collaborate, and present wherever you are for free. You can quickly create visually appealing presentations using pre-made templates. You can also import and use PowerPoint presentations or save and export as PowerPoint. The most amazing part is that you don’t have to worry losing your work as it automatically saves and to the cloud.

48. Sway


Sway is an online presentation tool from Microsoft that allows you easily create contents such as presentations, newsletters and more. You can create presentations from existing templates or documents. Sway has integration with your device on the web and will also help you get started by gathering resources related to your chosen topic.

49. Emaze


Emaze is an online tool for creating and sharing presentations, which is easy to use. It comes with categorized templates for design, business and education in a variety of categories. You can create amazing visual story by simply choosing a template and start editing. There are lots of attractive presentation styles you can create and other visual contents, websites and more with this online software.

50. Slides


Slides is a browser-based presentation tool that allows you to create and share live presentations and slides. It includes vertical slides, and lets you create private slide decks by default. Another nice features it comes with is the ability to embed presentations and you can check it analytics to see your viewers.

51. SlideDog


SlideDog is an online content creation tool that you can use to create and play presentations and media playlists. The only limitations in the free version is that you can only use the pro features for 15 minutes at a time. Presentations on slidedog are interactive, and you can livestream and share content. SlideDog integrates with all common presentation and media software.

Link Shorteners

So, after utilizing the content creation tools above and created various contents, forms, social media platforms, event registration and more; you might want to share and customize the links so they are shorter, more suited etc. These links shorteners are the best in the market and are free for most parts.

52. Bit.ly


Bitly is one of the best and most popular link-shortening tools. It will help you tidy up and customize any link you input.

Long, messy, incomprehensible links looks bad on posts and will distract your audience from your message. If this happens, it will reduce the effectiveness of the content you have worked so hard to create and share.

The tool is free and you can use it as much as you want and only upgrade to the premium version if you want to access those features such as branding your links, adding keywords, and inserting campaign trackers to monitor clicks and many more.

53. Rebrand.ly


Rebrandly is another awesome link shortening and tracking tool but specifically designed for businesses. The free service is effective on its own to make your links more professional though their paid service allows you to create branded links with custom domain names and campaign trackers.

There are various packages you can opt-in for and each provides monthly reports on the performance of your campaigns features such as click-through tracking, and allowing your team members to manage and use the the tool as well.

54. Bl.ink


Bl.ink also aims to increase engagements, conversions and click-through rates. It not only shortens long links but also brands them and analyzes the text of the content you’re sharing to generate smart links to improve click through rates.


In conclusion, one may ask, why do you need all these content creation tools listed above?

It’s simple. These tools are easy and helpful for you on the go projects and business. They are is not time-consuming but rather saves time. They help you easily navigate on important things and it gives you a variety of options like different templates that you may not even be aware of or haven’t even thought of.

It simply just makes life easier and who doesn’t need an easier way to create ads and publish on their social media page.

Ayomide Odewale

Ayomide Odewale

Ayomide Odewale is the founder of Fovero Digital Technologies. He is an IT expert and enthusiast with certifications and experience in various fields which includes Graphics Design, Digital Marketing, Web/App/Software Development. He founded Fovero Digital Technologies, an online company dedicated to making I.T. work for everyone with ease.

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