Author: Farhan Sodiq

Farhan Sodiq

Farhan Sodiq

Sodiq Farhan is presently a computer engineering student of the University of Ilorin and a frontend web developer. As a content developer for a couple of organizations also, Farhan enjoys writing and developing contents that aims at educating individuals about the world of technology and beyond

Posts by Author: Farhan Sodiq

Introduction to Git and GitHub

Introduction to Git and GitHub for Beginners

Everyone can rock Git and GitHub, even beginners. This piece seeks to present a step-by-step analysis from accumulated learning platforms and media, on how to absolutely get rocking with Git

Media query and responsive web design

Media Query and Responsive Web Design

GUIDE TO MEDIA QUERIES When it comes to Responsive web design, Media Query is very important in Web Development. It is what instructs the browser on “When”, “What” and “How”.

Complete guide to bootstrap for beginners

Learn Bootstrap: Complete Guide for Beginners

Bootstrap is a very effective and powerful front-end framework that helps you build mobile responsive websites more quickly, easily and efficiently. Mobile Responsive websites are sites that are not only very good on desktop view but are also just as catchy and well-laid out on mobile devices too.


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