Best Business Ideas to Make Money in 20209 min read

Best Business Ideas To Invest Into
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Table of Contents

Are you searching for business ideas to invest into, or business that can be done from home? Let us explore the best business ideas that can help you gain extra money that you can start easily.

These businesses can be done to make extra income on the side and maybe, just maybe when you start making more money it can be your 9-5.

If you have been in touch with a lot of workers or small business owners, you would know that a lot of people have been finding for ways to make money online and the wise ones exploring actively exploring business ideas. And especially with a situation such as the coronavirus epidemic, you wouldn’t wonder why.

And since I mentioned online business, you should note that a website might needed to achieve the best result.

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Most Successful Business Ideas To Do Online


Blogging as a business idea

One of the best ways to bring your personal ideas or other business ideas online is through a blog. Blogging is an evergreen business and a way to gain traction on the web and marketing services. And there are also various ways to monetize it.

Starting a blog is actually very easy.

To start a blog, you can use free blogging platforms such as blogger, wordpress but if you are really serious about it, you will need your own custom blogsite which includes domain name and hosting. This would give you better results to integrate the best design, custom features and digital marketing.

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And while it is easy to start a blog, you still have to   dedicate your time, and effort to make it a success.

You will need to offer engaging contents to your audience regularly so as to make them come back every time to your site

Of course, you will need to pick a specific area you want to blog about- it can range from an idea of what you do every day, what you know best or what you are interested in doing. Examples are fashion blogs, technical blog and most chefs even do food/ recipe blog

So how do you monetize a blog if you are planning on having one or if you already have one?

Here are three top ways you can implement:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Displaying google ads
  • Getting paid through reviews you write

Read about what makes a website successful

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you recommend a business product and you place an “affiliate” link and each click on the link will get you paid.

So, it’s just you recommending other people’s products or services they are rendering and you eventually getting paid for it.

Displaying Google Ads

Another way to earn is by displaying google AdSense. Google AdSense lets you become a publisher whose content lets you earn money from those ads their trusted advertisers show on your site or blog.

What you just need to do is apply for Google AdSense here, when you get approved, add the piece of code from google to your site and start displaying ads.

And whenever you audience click on the ad you get paid.

Getting Paid Through reviews

The last I have for you is to get paid writing reviews

This is somehow similar to affiliate marketing isn’t it?

Well the difference is that you get to try out products related to your blog niche- be it health, food, fashion etc

After trying out the products you write reviews on it – as in how good it is, what you got from using it etc

Then you get paid for writing the reviews because the reviews will help bring customers to the product producers

In case you haven’t thought about it, why do you think big brands such as Microsoft even blog?

Don’t be left out of the blogging business, join in today!


How to start an Ecommerce Business

I am sure you have heard or have an idea what an ecommerce (electronic commerce) is: This is just you selling physical products through the internet. This is one of the most profitable business ideas you can think of.

Though you can get started by registering as a vendor on multivendor ecommerce websites such as Amazon, Jumia, Konga etc., but if you really want to get serious about the business, you will need your own ecommerce website and also the products you want to sell.

Ecommerce is perfect for anyone who already has a product they are selling. In fact, if you are selling any type of products and you don’t have an ecommerce website, you are missing out on a lot.

And it is also one of the ways to introduce your business to wider audience hence bringing in more customers

Before you get started on an ecommerce store

You will need to find:

  • Products with high demand
  • Ways to bring customers to you
  • Also think about the cost of getting your products from your manufacturer to the consumer

Read about our guide on starting an ecommerce business.

Ecommerce business is increasing over and over. It is essential especially in times like this. Ecommerce brands are winning the market so why not join in the race now?


Online business service idea

This is one of the business ideas where you basically earn using your knowledge and skills.

What I mean is you using what you already know to make money online. That is a skill you learned or what you are very good at. You can:

  • Earn using your knowledge by creating and selling online courses
  • Teach others by selling online courses
  • Sell your courses online via your website, online course selling platform
  • Also earn by uploading your lessons on YouTube

If you are good at a specific skill and you don’t want to freelance, you want to have your business; then attract people online. People are always on the lookout for competent people to help them with their works and projects. You only need to make yourself available and reach out to them.

One of such skills is Content Marketing

Content marketing involves helping business promote their products and services through useful contents

There is increase in demand for contents because many websites and business require contents to attract their customers

To be a content marketer you have to be good at writing contents and you don’t even need to be a blogger All you need is to find content ideas that is going to bring visitors to a website

There are various courses online that can help you to be a good content writer/ marketer

However, if you want start freelancing, top freelance website we recommend are:


Digital Products - Best Business Ideas

Let us take a look at another of the best business ideas ever; Selling digital products

You can create your own Online Courses, eBooks on topics you like or even from collections of old blog posts. It is a sweet business idea that can keep fetching you profit for life.

Let me give you an example: Do you know that there are online courses on sites like Udemy that were created around 2007 but people still pay for yearly?

Imagine! You put in time and money to create something once and it keeps bringing money for you. That’s great business.


YouTube - Best Business Ideas

Another one of the business ideas you can try out is through YouTube. You can earn using your knowledge by YouTubing (this is actually not a word but it sounds right). Anyways, you can earn by YouTubing especially if you like making videos.

YouTube allows anyone to upload videos, create channels and make money especially from adverts, sponsorships etc. Once you meet their requirements and apply for YouTube AdSense, YouTube starts showing ads which you earn from.

 Of course, you have to display engaging contents to your viewers since the amount you earn is dependent on the number of viewers.

If you are good at creating contents or entertaining, conducting research, tutoring people, then you can start with YouTube. You can make money with it in the process.

We have the perfect Motion Graphics/Video Editing plans with Digital Marketing services just for you.

So What Business Idea Do You Want To Invest In?

As I said earlier, these are online business ideas, so you would definitely need a website to achieve maximum results. Also, apart from website you will need to drive traffic to the site so you can sell

So, you could build your site yourself or you could hire an expert and thankfully Fovero digital technologies is offering people and businesses to create their online presence by helping with website building for low and affordable prices.

So that is a summary of the best business ideas you can start.

Which business would you like to start now?


Blogging – It is the process of writing a blog, an online journal in which you share your thoughts about a particular subject with readers.

Ecommerce Business – A form of business which involves selling of products online and through a website/platform.

YouTubing – A coined word from YouTube which involves actively posting, engaging people and making money via YouTube.

Affiliate Marketing – A form of marketing in which you write about others products and recommend them while they pay you in return.

Content Marketing – This involves using various forms of contents to market a product or service

AdSense – Google AdSense is a program run by Google to enable people to earn money by displaying ads on their contents.

Rasheedat Usman

Rasheedat Usman

Rasheedat Usman is a web and ecommerce developer at Fovero Digital Technologies. She has great expertise in front-end web development and strives to learn and explore more, the world of technology.

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