Google Meet Vs Zoom: The best video conferencing app 202017 min read

Google Meet vs Zoom
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Table of Contents

Google Meet Vs Zoom. Learn to choose best video conferencing app?

Are you looking for the best video conferencing apps? And when comparing best and popular video conferencing apps such as Google Meet vs Zoom, you get a bit confused? Don’t be, all the information you need is here.

Maybe you have been wondering what video conferencing option would be the best for you, your team and clients? Which has the best features, lower cost and easy to use?

Look no further as we would look at the two of the best video conferencing software. The full list I have prepared for you (which we would discuss later) includes:

However, we would be discussing two out of these amazing video conferencing app solutions: Google Meet Vs Zoom

Why, you might ask are we discussing these two in particular?

Here are some of their features that I consider the most important for video conferencing apps they have in common:


Both services as of now can be used freely by anyone, anywhere. This is essential to small businesses/companies especially or people who have to run virtual meetings. You can actually spend less while still retaining the essence and results of your virtual meetings.

While both have premium versions and Google Meet only becoming free April 2020 in response to COVID-19.

Ease of Usage

Both are very easy to use with amazing interface. Both Google meet and zoom has a tiled gallery view that display its participants. Google Meet shows up to 16 participants and Zoom can show up to 49. Google Meet also has Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered lightning adjustment system.

Accessibility and Availability

Both Google Meet and Zoom are available on multiple platforms such as Desktop software, Android, iOS. You can also access Google Meet directly via Gmail.

Essential Features

Google Meet and Zoom offers amazing and essential features such as allowing you to:

  • Add/Host multiple participants;
  • Share your screen;
  • Record your video meeting;
  • And many more
  • Security

Both video conferencing options are certainly secured options though with zoom being less secure with security and privacy concerns.

The rise of the best video conferencing apps

Let us quickly go over the why people started searching for the best video conferencing options:

Over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic and global lockdown, people and businesses have been forced to work from home. This led to people physical meetings being held virtually, and well you know the rest…

According to Zoom itself, it recorded over 200 million meeting participant daily in March; and over 300 million in April and we can only imagine that this number keeps growing.

Google Meet also has its fair share in the skyrocketing increase of users daily. This was mentioned by Thomas Kurian, the CEO of Google Cloud in a blog post:

“Over the last few weeks, Meet’s day-over-day growth surpassed 60%, and as a result, its daily usage is more than 25 times what it was in January.”


Why use Video Conferencing?

Why exactly should you adopt the practices of video conferencing both for your business and others?

Well, apart from the lockdown caused by the covid-19 epidemic or the growing rate of remote working, here are top five reasons why you should use video conferencing:

Increases communication and collaboration

Video Conferencing allows you to make communication and collaboration much more effective with your team and clients. The best video conferencing apps have essential features as listed above that enables you to share documents and make presentations.

Also it has also been reported by Forbes that humans process visual information far faster and more aptly than text or audio.

Clear communication and collaboration is very important in any project and all you do as a business.

Saves time and money

By adopting Video Conferencing, you get to save cost of transportation and other things as you would on a physical meeting; both with your team and your clients. And since you can meet anytime, anywhere, think about how much time it saves you.
This can even enable you anyone to work with you remotely, which is one of the things we pride ourselves on at Fovero Digital Technologies.

Improves efficiency

The power of visual, audio combined with features such as screen sharing, presentations, whiteboarding, annotations etc. provides a more efficient use of all available resources.

Increases productivity

As there is increased collaboration in virtual meeting and video conferences, productivity increases also. You get to discuss, share ideas and brainstorm in ways that other form of communication would not cover.

Another important thing to note is that since video conferencing saves your time and your need to travel, you and your team members can invest the time where needed.  This would definitely produce better result and more productive use of resources

Enables Live events

Whenever you want to have an online lecture or webinar, give a presentation to your clients or a lot of people; Video conferencing would help you do this more easily. It would allow you to be able to host an event regardless of where you are.


Introduction to Zoom

Zoom video conferencing App vs Google Meet
Zoom Video Conferencing App

Before comparing Google Meet vs Zoom, it is important to learn about these two video conferencing app. So let’s get started.

Zoom is a video conferencing app which was founded in 2011 by Eric Yuan and launched in January 2013. It is one of the best video conferencing apps and it is intended mainly for business usages.

While the free plan is one you probably know, Zoom offers three other plans which are; Pro, Business and Enterprise with the Pro starting at $14.99 per month.

However, since it is the free plan we are going to dwell on, its features include:

  • Host up to 100 participants
  • Unlimited 1 to 1 meetings
  • 40 minutes’ limit on group meetings (though it has been temporarily extended)
  • Unlimited number of meetings
  • Ticket Support

Others of it features which can be grouped into four are:

1. Video Conferencing Features

  • HD video
  • HD voice
  • Active speaker view
  • Full screen and gallery view
  • Simultaneous Screen Share
  • Virtual Background
  • Waiting Room

2. Web Conferencing Features

  • Desktop and application sharing
  • Personal room or meeting ID
  • Instant or scheduled meetings
  • Chrome & Outlook plug-ins
  • Scheduling with Chrome Extensions
  • MP4 or M4A local recording
  • Private and group chat
  • Host controls
  • Raise hand

3. Group Collaboration Features

  • Breakout Rooms
  • Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android
  • Group messaging and presence
  • Screen share any iPad/iPhone app
  • Co-annotation on shared screen
  • Keyboard/mouse control
  • Whiteboarding
  • Multi-share

4. Security

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption
  • AES 256 bits encryption

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Setting Up Zoom

Setting up Zoom for Video conferencing is not hard at all and I will help you get started in five basic steps:

1. Creating an account

Creating an account on zoom is free and pretty easy. All you have to do is go to visit zoom.us/signup and register with your email address. You will receive an email from Zoom and in this email, click Activate Account.

You can also be invited to an existing account. In this case, you will receive an email from Zoom ([email protected]). Once you receive this email, click Activate Your Zoom Account.

Once your account has been created, you can login to you Zoom account on the web at any time, at zoom.us/signin.

2. Editing/updating your profile

Editing your profile on Zoom video conferencing app
Editing your profile on Zoom video conferencing app

Once logged in, you can navigate your way around by the left panel. Click on profile and you can edit and update your profile by adding a profile picture, set your time zone, update your password and more.

3. Scheduling a meeting

Scheduling a new meeting in zoom video conferencing app
Scheduling a new meeting in zoom video conferencing app
Starting a meeting in zoom
Starting a meeting in zoom
Copying invitation link to zoom video conferencing meeting
Copying invitation link to zoom video conferencing meeting

Zoom allows you to create and schedule a meeting in advance to the specific time and date with which you can invite others. There are many ways to schedule a meeting on zoom and they include:

Here are some basic instructions from Zoom on how to schedule your meeting:

Sign in to your Zoom web portal.

Click Meetings.

Click Schedule a Meeting.

Choose the date and time for your meeting.

(Optional) Select any other settings you would like to use.

Click Save.

4. Joining a meeting

Joining a meeting on Zoom is very easy as you can simply click and follow the invite link sent to you or click on join on the zoom client and enter the meeting ID.

5. Using Zoom clients (apps)

You can download the Zoom Desktop Client for MacWindowsChromeOS and Linux, as well as the Zoom Mobile App for iOS and Android from the downloads page

Introduction to Google Meet

Google Meet video conferencing App vs Zoom

Google Meet, formally known as Hangouts Meet is a video conferencing app developed and released by Google in March 2017. It was initially a premium service for Google Suit users up until April 2020 when Google made it free for all.

After making releasing free access to its usage, Google Meet’s usage increase to over 100 million users daily as of April. Google Meet has very amazing and distinct features and is truly one of the best video conferencing apps ever.

Some of its free features you can use includes:

  • Unlimited number of meetings
  • Live captioning during meetings
  • Ability to have up to 100 members per call
  • Joining meetings from the web (Gmail) or through the Android or iOS app
  • Ability to call into meetings with a dial-in number
  • Adjustable layouts and screen settings
  • Controls for meeting hosts
  • Screen sharing with participants
  • Messaging with participants
  • Integration with Google and Microsoft Office apps
  • Video and audio preview screen
  • Integration with Google Calendar for one-click meeting calls
  • Screen-sharing to present documents, spreadsheets, or presentations
  • Encrypted calls between all users
  • Real-time closed captioning based on voice recognition

For advanced features, you can check out its pricing here.


Setting up Google Meet

Starting a video conference is very easy on Google Meet. While you can also use its apps on Android, iPhone and iPad, we would focus on how to use your web browser.

Starting with Gmail

If you have a Gmail account which I guess you probably do, you can get started by logging in

1. Starting a meeting

Starting Google Meet video conferencing from Gmail
Starting Google Meet video conferencing from Gmail

Click the Start a meeting button and in the window that opens you can click on the following:

  • Join Now – To join using your computer’s camera for video and your computer’s microphone for audio.
  • Join and use a phone for audio – To join using your phone for audio. If you join by phone, you can still use your computer for video.

2. Inviting participants

How to add people to Google Meet Video Conferencing from Gmail
How to add people to Google Meet Video Conferencing from Gmail

To invite or add participants, in the Add others box, you can click on any of the options:

  • Copy Joining Info –  To copy and share the meeting code with someone maybe through a messaging app.
  • Add people – To invite someone by sending them an email, enter names or email addresses, then click Send invite. To invite someone to join the meeting by phone, then click Call and enter a phone number.

3. Others

 For moderation the meeting, additional settings and more, view the infographics below:

Google Meet Video Conferencing Settings from Gmail
Google Meet Video Conferencing Settings from Gmail

To learn more, download this pdf by Google.

Starting with Google Meet

In a web browser, enter https://meet.google.com.

Click Join or Start a meeting.

(Optional for G Suite users) Create a nickname for your meeting and enter the nickname. Click Continue.

Click Join now.

1. Starting a meeting

Click on start a meeting

2. Inviting participants

To add someone to a video meeting, you can choose any of the following options:

  • Copy joining info – To copy and paste the meeting details into an email or another app.
  • Add people – You have the option to:
  • Send- Invite – Under the Invite section, select a name, or enter an email address and click Send invite.
  • Under the Call section, enter a phone number and press Call.

Tip: For meetings created via a personal Google account, only the meeting moderator can send an in call invite.

Google Meet Vs Zoom

Now to the main event; Google Meet Vs Zoom.

Which of the two is the best? Which of the two would serve you best?

Well let’s compare their features together. We would be looking at 10 modalities to determine which is truly the best video conferencing app and give result on each modality. It should be noted that this would be mainly based on their free plans as we always look for ways to save you money here at Fovero Digital Technologies.

Ease of Use

When it comes to the usage of both apps on the various platforms such as Web, Desktop Apps, Android and iOS apps, I have found both apps to be very easy to use. Their User Interface and User Experience Design is great.

Reviews and experience from various users have also been pretty great. Both apps display the other participants in ways that would be easy to communicate and see them well.

 I have found both of them to be amazing solutions that even beginners/novices can start using right away without any problem.

Result: It’s a tie here between Google Meet Vs Zoom. 

Availability and Accessibility

The best video conferencing apps are available over multiple platforms to enable people with various devices to conveniently use them. Google Meet and Zoom also share this characteristic as they are available to use over various platforms.

Zoom is available on the following platforms:

The Desktop Client (App) on Windows, Mac, Linux and ChromeOS

Its Mobile App on Android and iOS

It also has Web browser extensions to schedule your video conferencing meeting.

Google Meet on the on the other hand can directly hold video conferencing through Chrome and other web browsers. This I consider a major plus as I don’t have to download extra software if I don’t want to.

Google Meet also works on any device. You can host or join a meeting from your desktop/laptop, android, iPhone/iPad.

Creating an account is also very easy on Zoom and while you don’t need to create an account in Google Meet as long as you have a google account and you can even join a meeting without creating an account.

Result: Google Meet wins as it allows you to participate in video conferencing with more ease.

Meeting Time

The free plans of both apps have limitations on how long you can hold your video conferencing meeting. Though the good news is that it presently isn’t in effect. Google Meet’s time limit for example won’t take hold until September 30, 2020.

But if they do start effecting the limit, Google Meet would allow you hold your meeting for 60 minutes while Zoom would allow you up to 40 minutes per call.

Result: Google Meet wins as it lets you spend more time.

Number of Participants

The number of participants you can hold is a very important factor to put into consideration. Both Google Meet and Zoom allows you to host up to 100 participants in a video conferencing call (for the free plan).

Result: It is a tie.

Screen Sharing

Both Google Meet and Zoom allows you to share your screen with members of your video conferencing meeting. You can also communicate with real time message/chats to facilitate better communications with other participants during the meeting.

Result: It is a tie.


Zoom free plan allows you to do local recording. Local recording allows participants to record meeting video and audio locally to a computer. Your recording would be in MP4 for video and M4A for audio.

Google meet on the other hands would leave the recording features for free until September 2020. After the stipulated time, it becomes exclusively available to G Suite enterprise users.

Result: Zoom wins this round.

Other Features

Some other essential features we would be looking at includes Whiteboarding, Video conferencing controls and others. After comparing the features on these two video conferencing apps, I can say that they both have the essential features to make your video conferencing a bliss.

Result: It is a tie.


One of the main aspects when comparing Google Meet Vs Zoom is on the note of security. Google Meet is much more secured than Zoom. Zoom has some privacy and security concerns + issues which though the company is trying to address is still a big weakness. It’s security issues was why Apple removed the software from the MacOS last year and is even facing lawsuits over allegations of disclosing personal information to third parties.

To put it in perspective for the techsavvy, Google Meet supports multiple 2-step verification options, uses IETF security standards for Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) and Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP). It also generates a unique encryption key that only exists as long as the meeting runs and is transmitted in an encrypted and secured RPC (remote procedure call) when the meeting is set up. While, Zoom on the other hand uses the AES 256-bit GCM encryption standard.

Result: Google Meet wins as it is way more secure in comparison.


What about if you want more, need more? The premium plans of these video conferencing such as live streaming, more participants, real-time recording and more?

For Google Meet, the G Suite Essentials is at $10 USD and G Suite Enterprise Essentials at $20 per active user/month starting Oct. 1, 2020. Zoom on the other hand starts from $15 upward.

Result: Google Meet wins as its plans are relatively cheaper and with more essential features.


As you can see, in a lot of ways Google Meet is the best video conferencing app when you compare Google Meet Vs Zoom. It is easier to use and offer better features and not to mention the fact that is way more secured.

You can also try both to see which suits your needs better. What do you think of Google Meet Vs Zoom?

Ayomide Odewale

Ayomide Odewale

Ayomide Odewale is the founder of Fovero Digital Technologies. He is an IT expert and enthusiast with certifications and experience in various fields which includes Graphics Design, Digital Marketing, Web/App/Software Development. He founded Fovero Digital Technologies, an online company dedicated to making I.T. work for everyone with ease.

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