How to Choose the Best Logo Design for a Business10 min read

How to choose the best logo design for a business
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Table of Contents

Choosing the best logo design

Choosing and designing the best logo design is one of the not-so-easy decisions I have had with most of our clients. They would usually want something mind-blowing, trending but also unique. A lot of them even come as far as presenting competitors logo mock-ups and say: “I want a logo like this”, “Can you design something like this?”, “I want the best logo design”.

However, as professionals we know better and we guide them. Thankfully, most of them are willing, ready and able to leave things to our capable hands.

So, I will be guiding you on identifying some of most important things to note while choosing and designing a logo. This would really help you on your quest for the best logo design for your business. It will also save you from having to change logos constantly or having a logo your customers/audience won’t like.

Importance of logo design in your business

Logo Design is a very important part of branding. It is an important step to consider when you are starting out your business. And before starting out your marketing campaigns, you want ask yourself some questions such as:

“Is this logo really right for my business?”

“Is it representing my business right?”

“Do the colours on this logo conveying the right emotions?”

However, here are the 5 most important reasons for a logo design. This would also guide you in choosing the best logo design your business needs

Tells your story

The best logo designs for a business would tell you one way or another its story. Yes, your logo might be text based or abstract etc. But when understood, it should tell the story of your brand more vividly.

Grabs attention

One of the things the best logo designs for businesses have in common is the fact that they are attention grabbers. The attention span of humans is pretty short, so you have very little time make them notice you through your branding (logo included).

Makes a great first impression

Your logo is the first thing your customers/clients see about you and believe me, you got to make it count. It is one of the reasons I personally advise people to always meet or be a professional when designing a logo. Using online software such as Canva, Renderforest, Tailorbrands, LogoMakr without previous design is fine and cool. However, it usually doesn’t produce best logo design results and often create lots of lookalike logos.

It shows your uniqueness

Be different, be unique. The best logo designs tell and shows people you are and why you are unique. It sets you apart from the competition. A well designed logo can actually tell people a lot about you.

It fosters loyalty

Think about the best logo designs you have seen such as Microsoft, Apple, Google etc. Or let me even go closer to Nigerian brands such as Indomie, Dangote etc. You feel familiar with and have a sense of loyalty to them. Seeing those beautifully designed logos puts your mind at rest.

Read more about

Types of Logo Design

Choosing the best logo design doesn’t have to give you headache. However, before we continue, let us look at and understand the types of logo designs we have. This would let you make an informed decision the next time when choosing a logo for yourself or someone else.

Monogram Logo Design

These are logos that are based on abbreviations, usually initials. It is usually best when the name of the business is long or kind of a mouthful. For example, “High Tech Computer Corporation” might seem like a mouthful when compared to “HTC”; same goes for “National Aeronautics and Space Administration” when compare to NASA

Monogram based Logos contain of two or more letters branded together and customized. They might be designed further to suit the purpose of the business. Elements such as fonts, colour, form, perspectives are made to represent the business purpose, values and emotions.

So if your business name is a long one, monogram logo is probably the best for you. Though I would say you get a professional advice to know better.


LetterMark Logo Design

The unique thing about Letter mark logos is that they only consist of one letter. This is a logo based on typography and the creativity of the designer.

The first letter is chosen from the name of the business or organization and worked on to taste. This type of logo is very common and you see it more often than you know.

You should really consider this type of logo design if the first letter of your business name can boldly represent the rest. And make sure it is designed beautiful and with thought so as to really convey this.

Popular examples include: Facebook, Pinterest and WordPress.


WordMark Logo Design

You probably already have an idea on this type of logo design. This logo design type is made of absolutely words making up the name of the business. There is no mystery shrouded in this logo type as everything is out there in the open. There has to be a perfect blend of typography, colour, display and creativity.

You might be wondering, how about business with long name?

Well for that I wouldn’t advise a wordmark logo design but maybe a monogram logo design. This type of logo design is best for a short-named business.

Examples of organization that use this logo type includes Cocacola, Visa, skype


Pictorial (Logo Symbols)

This is the type of logo design some of us know and love. It is iconic, a representation of what a business id. A perfect blend of art is needed by the logo designer in this case. It has to be meaningful, it just has to make sense. Another reason I don’t really like online, automated graphics design tools. A pictorial/iconic logo has to be pure work of inspiration and creativity.

Do you want your logo to be iconic and represent something etched in people’s mind for a long time? Then you should try pictorial logo design

Popular examples include Instagram, Microsoft and Dominos Pizza


This is a conceptualized logo design that embodies emotions in it. It might not exist in the real world but when you look at it sends a thought and feeling right through you. It is important to be very detailed when designing this type of logo.

Though the logo designer also has to put in mind the look across various resolution and surfaces.

This type of logo design is one I would recommend to any creative industry. Is your business into artistic, works of creativity or graphics? Then this might be the opportunity to register that in people’s mind as soon as they come in contact with your logo design.

Some popular examples include Apple, Adidas and Pepsi.


Mascots Logo Design

Mascot logo designs depicts a person or cartoon image in a fun, inviting and appealing way. This is a very warm type of logo that shows that you are open and welcoming to everyone. Nothing relates with kids and family than a logo provides warm and fuzzy feeling. So if you are in the industry that relates with this kind of audience, you should consider it.

Though creating this type of logo requires high level of creativity. Not every graphics designer I have seen have what it takes to create something like this.

This one of the reasons why Fovero Digital Technologies is unique. We have had great success in dealing with every type of logo and graphics design.

Some popular example of mascot logo design includes

Mailchimp, Pringle, KFC



Emblems have been around for a long time and emblem logo design carries their concepts further. Emblems are text inside an image or icon. The image could be abstract, representational or pictorial. Emblems logo designs are usually the logo of choice for schools, some organizations and government agencies.

Popular Examples includes Havard, University of Ilorin,


Combinations Logo Design

This as the name suggests is a combination of one or more of the logos above. It is usually the combination of text with image, shape or icon. It allows people to the brand better as both elements boldly represent and conveys the brand messages. Popular examples includes: MTV, Burger King and Verizon         


Some characteristics of the Best Logo Designs

There are some characteristics greats logo and graphics designs have in common. I will try to go quickly over 3 golden rule of creating and choosing your logo designs. Hopefully, it will guide you towards better logo and graphics design choices.


Look at the best logo designs we have in the world today. What is the popular trend you would see in most of them? Simplicity!

Don’t try or make your logo designer create a logo design with a masquerade of colour. This in the end would be too complex for people to understand. The simplest designs usually are the best.


Take 100 popular logos and see if you would learn something by looking at them. The truth is, you most likely will. Looking at logos such as Apple, Target etc. You would see that the


Don’t ever copy a design for logo. I repeat again; don’t ever copy a logo design. Should I say it the third time so it’d stick? Ok, probably no, right?

We do not copy designs, here at Fovero Digital Technologies. There’s too much creativity to stuff away.

Let your logo design be very unique. You can draw inspiration from other sources, but own it, make it yours, make it better and finally make it best.


As you can see, getting the best Logo Design is very important and more in-depth than most people think. It would also have a lot of effects on your branding and marketing efforts. Now I hope you can boldly make better choices based on the information you now have.

Anyway, if you need help deciding what type of logo suits your business best, kindly contact us freely or handle your logo designing to the company that understands your needs.

Ayomide Odewale

Ayomide Odewale

Ayomide Odewale is the founder of Fovero Digital Technologies. He is an IT expert and enthusiast with certifications and experience in various fields which includes Graphics Design, Digital Marketing, Web/App/Software Development. He founded Fovero Digital Technologies, an online company dedicated to making I.T. work for everyone with ease.

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