How to Promote Your Business With Customer Marketing11 min read

How to Leverage Customer Marketing
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Table of Contents

Customer marketing should be your next game plan as a digital marketer or business owner. Let’s see exactly why:

Business owners’ main aim when starting his company apart from sales is to build brand reputation and create awareness. He needs his potential customers to discover them, so he/she needs to be consistent with hard work for this to come true.

One of the reasons or the sole reason why most businesses fail is that they focus more on sales. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because that is the purpose of the business existence in the first place. However, not forgetting the follow-up plan after sales, customer continuous satisfaction is something one needs to hold very delicately.

Why customer marketing is important

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In today’s world, winning over your customer completely is very advantageous as there are tons of benefits attached to it.

Customers today have more power, reach, information and arrays of choices to choose from.

This means that they can define and decide what they really want to get.

They have the power to make research and jump on to the next brand if left unsatisfied by another. Chances are there are hundreds and thousand other who are willing, ready and able to win them over all across the world.

The opinions and reviews of your customers online also reflect greatly on your reputation. This is especially true for new prospects or leads. And these leads would tend to trust what people say more than your online adverts and messages.

Just see it this way, people will believe what others say about you more than what you say about yourself.

Statistically, 90% of people trust more brand recommendations from friends while 70%  rely on other general consumer opinions.

Apart from those that have been discussed about, below are a few more reason highlighted below:

Increase Brand Trust/Reputation

Making your customers happy to the point they start recommending you is something you definitely want to strive for. Having them rate you on review sites such as Yelp or other business listing sites would greatly improve your reputation.

A simple 5.0 rating by a customer on your Facebook Page can even help you stand out.

Get More Referrals

NeilPatel mentioned that

Customer advocacy is an evergreen marketing strategy.


This is very true and when it comes to customer marketing and what they say, you get an increase in referrals.

And believe me that referrals from existing customers usually have high conversion rate.

Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

Taking advantage of customer marketing would reduce the amount of money spent on getting new customers. This would increase the profitability of your business.

Think about it, if people are marketing your business for you because they love your brand; wouldn’t the overall money you spend reduce?

Drive Massive Demands

With customer marketing, the demands for your products and services would increase.


More of your customers are advocating for your brands.

You are getting more referrals

More and more people are getting to trust your brand.

This would drive more demands and leads towards your brand.

Increase Revenue

So, what is the result of all these?
Well, you guessed it: Increase in Revenue.

You spend less and earn more.

Your customers can help you with that low conversion rate. You only need to include your customers in your marketing to drive more sales and revenue for your business.

Setting the stage for Customer Marketing:

1. Create a customer marketing strategy

The first and crucial thing you need to do is come up with an actionable plan.

What exactly are the goals you want to achieve with your customer marketing?

Look deeply into your business and identify the point where you are and where you want to get to. Some of the objectives you can try planning for includes:

You should also ensure that your objectives can be measured. You can use Hubspot Marketing Plan Generator to help you out.

These objectives should be related to your general marketing and business goals. This would make them complement each other and prevent you from chasing seemingly different objectives.

Some of the Objectives can include:

Boost Brand Awareness. Metric: Increase social media followers by 3,000 in 1 month.

Increase Conversion Rate. Metric: Get 50% increase in conversion rates on 1 month.

Increase Revenue: Generate $100,000 extra on sales in a month’s time.

2. Identify your targets for customer marketing

The next thing you want to do is identify those who you can include in your customer marketing. There are various ways to do that and some of them include:

Identify your customers who have a degree of influence.

There are various tools to help you measure something like that. Popular examples include: Social Mention, Buzzsumo. However, there are some downsides to this which: there are a lot of people who might not be active or influential online but command a great amount of influence among peers and locally.

Build credible buyer persona.

Creating credible buyer personas would help you identify targets for your customer marketing. For example, customers who are in higher official positions will most likely be able to influence/market your brand both where they work and other similar organization.

Customer Experience.

As you continue to relate with your customers, you will discover those who are willing and able to drive in more referrals to your brand. This is one of the best ways to identify your targets for you customer marketing strategy. However, you must be willing and ready to create amazing customer experience and relationship with them.

3. Setup the stage for Customer Marketing

Setting up the stage for a successful customer marketing campaign involves:

Ensure that your brand delivers whatever it promises. If you promise them product A, ensure you deliver product A. Nothing kills brand faster than failed promises.

Try going the extra mile and adding the cherry on top of the cake. Give them something that they wouldn’t get easily from other places. How to do that? Find that thing you can offer that would cost you less or nothing and give to your customers.

Nothing else beats this. Be there for your customers whenever they need you.

4. Execution

Finally, you are on your way to execute your customer marketing campaign. Publish out your campaign through the chosen platform, monitor and measure its success.

How to achieve post customers loyalty for customer marketing

1. Be Supportive and post Supportive content

Customers will always come back to companies that have information and help on ways to use their product. For example, when I had issues with my windows activation and I had to ask a friend how to activate my windows little/cost-free; and he immediately introduced me to one of the many software brands. To my greatest surprise, there was a video training on how to download, install, run it and recheck if it’s been activated, just few easy steps and I was done

Another example is when one buys a zip wardrobe goes through the manual and even in it, there is a small note that says even if you do not understand the steps in the manual, go to our YouTube page and see how to fix the wardrobe from start to finish the DIY way. 

These attempts bring in new customers searching for help and retain previous customers who continue to turn to their brand for excellent resources and valuable content.

2. Engage customers

When you constantly engage your customers through social media post and newsletters as well as constantly checking on them, you are frequently at the top of their mind.

Ask them questions about your products, having them give you ideas of what may need to be changed in your products or what needs to improve.

Ensure that you stay at the top of their mind, it will pay off because you have a better insight of what they want.

Customers are aware that in today’s world, business and organizations collect information from them, but the point is are the information being collected used effectively?

How do you get to identify customers that are sharing your information and engaging them with others for the company’s sake and have you appreciated and valued their efforts?

3. Create loyalty programs

These programs are there to genuinely appreciate customers who are loyal to your brand, this is to make them know that you are not only out to make sales but also to serve and appreciate them for their consistent purchase of your products.

Hence making them a top priority when ever there is any promo or discounted fares. Example are real estate companies that give some of their VIP customers an extra coupon or half plot for not just patronizing them they can also share the information to their network about the added value or service that sets your brand apart.

More so, Net Promoter scores to measure customers satisfaction should be implemented, this is a management tool that can be used to gauge the loyalty of a firm’s customer relationship.it helps you to identify promoters (Customers deliberately promoting your brand) and detractors (Customers who rarely tell people about your brand). Ones you have been able to identify both customers, you can now know how to implement different strategies to engage the two groups of customers. Always make it a daily, weekly and monthly habit to keep your brand promoters happy and consistently find ways to try and convert your detractors into promoters by addressing the problem that prevents them from referring others.

Loyalty programs with rewards are not only successful in making customers feel appreciated so that they return to make repeat purchases, but they can also work well to encourage customers to share their experiences with people close to them.

4. Appreciate Micro Influencers

This are your everyday customers, without even requesting for referrals from them they willing do it because they enjoy your products and they believe its wise for another person especially their friends and acquaintance to enjoy what they have been enjoying.

Show gratitude to your brand ambassadors/micro influencers with a personalized video message or an entry to a cool event

When someone is passionate about your company, they may already be highly engaged with your online content or social media accounts. As consumers increasingly rely on product reviews on social media, brands must realize that e-commerce success requires more than just acquiring new customers.

It is always important to note that the best way to acquire new customers is to focus on converting existing customers into micro influencers.

 It takes a lot of work and commitment to turn fans into brand ambassadors, but once your customers feel very loyal to you, they’re no longer sensitive to price, and they believe that your brand adds intangible value to their life.


It’s also a necessity that you understand the do’s and don’ts especially the don’ts of your brand promoters so you do not make them feel uncomfortable in the process of trying to appreciate their efforts. I will be giving you a few of the don’ts to get you started with your existing customers or your aspiring brand promoters

Not all customers like to be tagged and mention for their effort without their approval, some of them if not most of them like their privacy and you need to respect that.

Do not interact or engage with a customer if you have not had full knowledge of their association with your products or brand. Helpful tips are marketing automation tools, this helps to know your customers, their preferences and relationship with your brand. Only approach a customer after acquiring complete knowledge of their history with your brand and your company to make way for a seamless and personalized interaction.

Exploiting sensitive issues for publicity is not a good way to appreciate your customers. If in any way you have done way beyond your capacity or budget for an influencer, do not go about bragging, for the world to know that your brand is that good and they go extra mile for VIP customers. Let your customers promote your brand originally, give them that chance to share those stories themselves, even if you did something nice to them.

Final Thoughts

Social media has now become important in today’s marketing activities. When one has several social media platforms managing them and the account becomes very difficult. In a bit to sway your way out of this, it is always advisable to have tools to help ease the navigation process so that you can focus on other areas of your company.

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

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