How to start an Ecommerce business in 2020: The complete guide for beginners12 min read

How to start an Ecommerce Business
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Table of Contents

You must have probably been hearing a lot about ecommerce business -or not- and wondering what it is all about OR you heard about it and now you want to know how to start an ecommerce business this 2020.

 Well you have come to one of many of the right places.

Ecommerce is the purchasing and selling of products and services through electronic means especially the internet. It is a form of business that is increasing very rapidly in this day and age.

In this guide, we help in getting you a fully functional ecommerce business starting from the reasons you should have an ecommerce business anyway.

ecommerce business - How to Start ecommerce business
ecommerce connecting the world

Reasons you should start an Ecommerce business

There are various reasons why you should consider starting an ecommerce business and they include:

Easy to Start

As there is now improvement in technology all over the world, it is now very easy to start an ecommerce business. With the availability of ecommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, online stores are now easy to create even with little knowledge about said technology. These platforms help in the creation of the website so you can focus on ideas and sales without worrying about technical issues. All you need is a computer and internet connection

 Make extra money

One of the easiest ways to earn while working a 9 to 5 job is to Start an ecommerce business; you can even do this while sleeping and traveling. This is because – depending on the product idea or service you want to render- ecommerce does not require a physical store (for physical goods). Also, it helps in saving time so you can do other things while running your store easily.

Get more customers

Assuming you already have a physical store or a business, making the business an ecommerce business will help in exposing your products to wider variety of people and as such bring about more customers and more sale.

As long as you have effective marketing procedures and good customer support system, there should not be a problem with converting people into lifelong customers.

ecommerce business store - How to Start ecommerce business
Online store

How to Start an Ecommerce Business

Are you convinced that going online and starting ecommerce business is the best? Well, I am sure you are wondering how to start an ecommerce business right now. We will show you in a second but before the actual store, there are some things you should do. First:

Choose a Product

If you are new to the world of selling in general, you should know that an ecommerce business is just like a physical store business. And before even thinking about opening a physical store, you have to have a product or services that you want to bring to your customers. The same applies to if you want to start an ecommerce business, you need to choose a product – this is if you don’t already have a business you want to sell online. You can choose a product by:

Generating a product idea on your own

This may be through evaluating a product you particularly like or trends you follow. One important thing to ask yourself in the process of inventing your idea is – what people want or need that they will pay you money for? This is of importance because no matter how good your idea is if people dot actually need it then you definitely won’t get paid for it.

In order to check for what people need however you have to write your ideas down so as to evaluate them with people around you to get the one idea or ideas that will align with people’s need.

Also, idea generation on your own can come from you wanting to buy something online and being unable to find it or even from listening to the complaint of the people around you. Generating ideas also does not necessarily mean you must invent a new product (you could if you want to), it may just be in the form of you making people aware of an already existing product or making improvements you wish to see in an already existing product.

Browse Around

One other way of choosing a product idea is through browsing of both physical stores and existing online stores to check what they have, their best-selling goods, and even latest goods customers are interested in. You could also directly use search engines like google to generate product ideas.

Ask and Look Around you

There is no better place to generate products ideas than around you. This could be in the form of asking your friends and family to simply just looking around your house, street or even as you are walking. You will be amazed the type of simple and very important variety of ideas this could generate. So you have to observe your surroundings and be open to ideas that come your way.

You can also check ecommerceceo for more product research tips .

Evaluate your Product Ideas

So you have your ideas, what’s next? The reason for making business is to sell, isn’t it? The next step is, therefore, to check if the product idea you have come up with will have a chance on the market. This can be achieved by validating and evaluating that there is a demand for your product ideas. Check out these steps to validating your product ideas and also the 16-step guide to evaluating your product ideas.

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Setting Up Your Ecommerce Business

After picking the product you want to, evaluating it and obtaining the product, naturally what follows is the marketing and selling of the product and then the launching of the online store. Before these however, you need some basic things to mark the start of your business before the actual online store.

What are these things, right?

Name Your Business, Make a Logo

Picking the right ecommerce business name and logo are some of the important elements when starting your business from scratch.

Get an affordable Logo here

Your business name does not have to be necessarily “perfect” but it should not be taken “lightly” either. One way to find and choose a fitting name is through market research and keyword search. In picking your choice, you should choose a name that:

  • Gives your customers an impression of what you sell or the market you are into.
  • Fits your brand.

In picking a business name, make sure it is what your potential customer can resonate with, you definitely don’t want a name that will distract attention from your product. You can also ask people around you for ideas. Don’t forget to get creative with you name choice.

Your business logo is likely what customers will first see on your site and it has to fit your brand. You can simply get a great logo designed by outsourcing great logo designers or a design company like Fovero Digital Technologies. There are various logo designers waiting to be of service to you.

online ecommerce shopping - How to Start ecommerce business

How to create your Ecommerce store

Okay, now you have everything ready as you are almost ready to start your ecommerce business. You are probably making sales with your physical store and it is time to introduce your wonderful product to wider audience- customers on the internet. Yes that right? It is time to set have your online store.

To set up your online store you can either go through the several DIY ecommerce platforms method which may be a bit technical; or skip all possible technical headaches of an ecommerce website by hiring ecommerce web development experts.

DIY Ecommerce Platforms

There are several ecommerce platform now that allow you to set up your store online very quickly, you don’t have to go through any technical processes with this platforms. You just have to focus on other aspects such as acquiring your product and marketing strategies.

Here are some of the platforms:

  • Shopify

This is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms. Shopify offers a free trial for the first 14 days after sign up. After the free trial, pricing runs from about $9 to $299 per month depending on the different features you need. Check out Shopify for more.

  • Weebly

Weebly is one of the website builders that offer the chance to sell on its free plan. It is a platform that is easy to use and set up so if you plan on running a small side hustle business, you might enjoy Weebly’s easy approach.

  • BigCommerce

This platform is a fully hosted ecommerce store you can use to create your ecommerce website. Although they do not have a free plan, there is free trial available. BigCommerce is really easy to get started, you just sign up -no credit card details needed. You enter details about your store and start adding your products.

  • WooCommerce

WooCommerce works with WordPress to make a website into an ecommerce store. So you have to be familiar with the WordPress platform to use this. If you, however, are not familiar with WordPress, YouTube tutorials can help out or you could just hire Fovero Digital Technologies – a digital technologies company – to help out with the creation of your store.

If you want to set up any of these ecommerce platforms yourself, an in-depth tutorial on how they are set up will be helpful. Tutorials can be gotten from YouTube, search engine searches and also the platform’s website.

Ecommerce Domain TLD - How to Start ecommerce business
Web domains

Setting up your store

So you have come very close and almost ready to start your ecommerce business. Let’s see what you have to do next:

Domain Name

To set up your store, you will need a domain name. Although some of the platforms listed above have custom domain names. Domain name is the address of your website that will help buyers to find your store. In choosing domain name you have to consider:

  • The domain name itself:

The domain name should be the same as your store’s name. For example in “Shopify.com”, “Shopify” is the domain name.

  • Domain suffix:

The “.com” in “Shopify.com” is the domain suffix. For an ecommerce website, the “.com” is best used as the domain suffix because it is most familiar to everybody. Other suffixes that could be used include: .co or .net

Platforms like GoDaddy, Bluehost, and various hosting sites sell domain names.

Web Hosting

If you are choosing platforms like Shopify for your ecommerce store, you have web hosting handled by the Shopify system for you. However, if you choose platforms like WordPress or WooCommerce, hosting will be one thing you have to handle yourself.

What is web hosting? Web hosting is simply a computer where your online store is kept for customers to access it. The web hosting or server is kept on for 24hours everyday so your customers can access your website anytime. This does not mean you have to set a server in your home yourself.

There are several web hosting firms. All you need to do is sign up and rent a hosting space on their server for your website.

Recommended hosting sites to research on:

 After getting your hosting and domain name set up, you pick a store design on the ecommerce platform you choose. Don’t go overboard in your store design choice. Choosing a minimal design is usually the best.

Ecommerce Web Design Agency - How to Start ecommerce business
A Professional Team

Hiring a Web Development Company

One important thing to note as you want to start your ecommerce business is: The process of creating an ecommerce website on your own can get quite technical, and to avoid all these technicalities and headaches, you can hire a web development expert to help in every aspect of setting your ecommerce website to speed up your ecommerce business.

Fovero Digital Technologies is a company dedicated to helping businesses in bringing their product ideas and services into the internet, so business owners can concentrate on other aspects of their ecommerce business without worry over technical issues.

Why Hire Web Development Company?

It is quite true that you could build your store yourself but you still have to have some web development skills that you might not have the time to build. This is one of the reasons why hiring a web development company is very helpful in building your online business and presence. Some other reasons why hiring a professional web development company – Fovero Digital Technologies are:

  1. You get a full team of designers, developers and marketers as well of other experts in one place so you don’t have to hire several people separately. Hiring separately might cost you more than hiring a company.
  2. Hiring a company will also help you get you work done on time.
  3. It is easy to work with a company because they will be organized and you might even get more than what you were promised.
  4. A web development company will also provide SEO- read more about SEO here – and marketing help. They will help your website become SEO-friendly so your business can rank well in search engines. There are marketing experts also in a web development company to help bring more customers to your website with their expertise.
  5. You also get expert business advice like what and what not to do to improve your business performances. You can read on the business empowerment program Fovero Digital technologies is running for the improved performances for several businesses.

So what are you waiting for? Start Here to get your very own business website, free quote and also expert business advice.

Rasheedat Usman

Rasheedat Usman

Rasheedat Usman is a web and ecommerce developer at Fovero Digital Technologies. She has great expertise in front-end web development and strives to learn and explore more, the world of technology.

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