The right way to start Marketing on Social Media and get results quickly15 min read

Getting started with marketing on social media
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Table of Contents

Learning marketing on social media or social media marketing as it is better known is an excellent way to get your marketing game on.

Have you thought of the best possible ways to reach more audience and market your goods and services? Then marketing on social media is a way to get a good head-start.

Let’s get started:

Purpose of Marketing

First let’s start with the purpose of marketing

Marketing is the exposure of one’s product/service to the community or in advance potential customers.

So why is Marketing necessary?

Marketing is a very important part of any business that wants to grow. Yes, it is that important in business. For any business to grow, it needs to be able to maintain its marketing goals

So that’s where social media marketing comes in place. Social media is a perfect place for most online people. With over 3billion active users, marketing on social media is a very good option.

But marketing on social media is something you have to learn as every social media has its own mode of operation. I will like to briefly take us through some of the important social media in use.

Understanding each social media is important as they each are quite dynamic, but with the right understanding and usage, it can be quite easy.

The rules of marketing on Social Media

To get the most effective marketing done on social media, there is a process you should endeavour to follow. This not only speaks for marketing on social media but on marketing generally.

The rules however are very simple:

  • Firstly, create awareness first for the product/service, let them know who you are, what you do and what you sell.
  • Secondly, drive engagements with your audience, connect with them and let them feel you and feel familiar and comfortable with you.
  • Then thirdly, create interesting motives for your audience to want your product/service.

And of course, when they are interested in your product/service; depending on their income, they will desire your product. It is in this phase you can bring up your sales advert to them.

Nobody will want to buy what he/she does not desire. So, after setting up your business page you will want to serve your audience with engaging contents.

For example, If I operate a business account that sells laptops/phones/IT etc. and maybe it was named LagStyled;

First I will want to serve my audience with system specs and phone specs, something they can engage with. I can feed them with contents about the most designed phones or the most efficient laptops for developers and related.

Yes, and by engaging your audience with these contents you are also creating awareness about what your business is about

Learning these basic principles can make marketing on social media very easy.

For example, a customer that wants maybe a phone with slim design, good RAM, good internal memory will be able to get the information he/she needs from your marketing strategy which is a perfect move for you as a business

And these contents should be timed so as to be able to keep record. You can also use analytics for metric calculations and to get feedback on the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. This is very important also.

Getting insights about your activities online is part of what makes your business professional. These insights can make you know how to time your posts, how many people engaged, which posts they engaged in most and many more.

The most engaging posts of course will give you insights on what topics your audience love most.

Finally, as a note of conclusions on Facebook marketing; you should know there is no direct way to gaining traffic or using Facebook marketing.

It all depends on your marketing skills and your audience.

Let’s start with understanding the best Social Media platforms and how to start marketing on them.

Facebook Social Media Marketing

facebook marketing guide

Let’s start with Facebook for Marketing.

Yes, virtually every smart phone user is on Facebook.

First you will want to create a Facebook business page so you can take advantage of all the business opportunities on Facebook.  Make sure you have a very good name which you will use for all of your social media profile

For example, LagStyled is used as my business name

It will be a very good idea to use “LagStyled” for all of your social media account so it can be easily identified; both by the search engine bots and everyone.

The search engine bots: These are the algorithm logic that operates as the server which translates and grade information on web.

After opening your page, use a very good profile pic or good logo design and cover picture which should be related to your business.

After setting up your profile, the most important thing in this your Facebook page is how you will serve your customers socially. How will you connect socially to your audience?

The answer to that is through your content and your posts.

So, you will want to generate very fine and engaging posts for your audience.

Facebook is so general. It can be used for fun advert and even official advert

Another important thing is getting your contents and posts directly to the right community. Let me give you a tip;

Utilize Facebook groups. You know Facebook have different groups that are on various topics. These are like micro communities on Facebook. You can target those groups that are related to what you want.

For example, if you need students to get aware of your product. You can target most university groups and post your contents there too

Social Media Marketing on Instagram

Instagram marketing guide

You all should know every social media operates differently, so working on Instagram is quite different.

The first thing you need to do is to open a business Instagram account. Instagram offers three different types of account but the best fit for your business would be a business account. The reason for this is because Instagram allows some extra features and analytics on business account which are not present on personal accounts.

As Instagram is most known for its graphics (pics and videos) show offs, Instagram marketers make more use of images, graphics and infographics.

Growing followers on Instagram

How do you grow followers? Let’s quickly go over the principles of growing followers

How do you get to get your real organic follower? Those who are truly interested in what you do.

1. Follow people in the same niche or industry (Follow your competitors)

This might seem counterintuitive as you might think that why should you do that? Why should you follow your competitors? You should, if you want to get the most out of marketing on social media.

Here are some reasons why you should:

Gain insights into your audience

Chances are people who are following your competitors are people who would be interested in what you do and have to offer them. Studying this people would give you insights as to who your audience are. It would also help you create better buyers’ personas or customers’ avatars.

This would help you in targeting people especially in your ads campaign that would most follow you.

Learn more about trends in your industry

You learn a lot by following people in the same niche or industry, whether they are simply enthusiasts, experts in the field or your direct competitors. You catch up faster on news, trends and updates in your industry.

Knowing this would let you know what your potential audience are wants, are doing and are expecting. And this would enable you to do exactly that. When they see that you have what they want, they would see you as an expert and follow you.

Learn about your competitors

So, if you are a business man and you sell products like petty consumable products like cakes, you can follow people who are known already for the business already. You know some of your potential customers will be there.

Yes, those who are going to follow your accounts would be right there.

2. Hashtags

Hashtags are similar to keywords in SEO and well known on Instagram and twitter and also widely used there. So, if you plan on creating your own brand, you will want to have your own personalized hashtag.

For example, #stayalivewith5alive. You will be able to check your posts or anybody that posts with your hashtag like tag.

Then of course you will want to use a trending hashtag too. But don’t ever load your posts with hashtags. 2 or 3 hashtags is good for a post.

Using hashtags would give your post more exposure and reach. By targeting popular and trending hashtags in your industry, you get to reach people who are interest in what you have to offer and would most likely follow you.

3. Reposting popular posts that rhymes with your business line

There is an app called Repost. You can repost popular post that is related with your business niche. And of course your followers will want to follow any page that can give them information they need.

No business grows overnight. So also is the process of gaining your business account followers. You must be consistent and of course knowledgeable of your audience likes and other important features.

Social Media Marketing on Twitter

Twitter marketing guide

With more than 145 million active daily users, Twitter should be a part of your marketing strategy. It’s the fifth most popular social media network, and it is a gold mine of customer insights and opportunities to build your brand, drive sales and win fans.

Like every other social media platform, finding marketing success on Twitter takes strategic planning and intentionality to stand out and keep your audience engaged.

How to create a Twitter marketing strategy

Let’s dive into some Twitter marketing tips that any brand can use to make the most out of the platform. If one of these strategies catches your eye, jump right to it with these links.

Audit your Twitter account

If you already have an existing Twitter profile, the first thing to do is to run a Twitter audit.

Collect information like:

  • How often does this account tweet?
  • What’s the engagement rate?
  • How many followers does it have?

You should also audit brand compliance for existing accounts. Once you’ve audited your existing accounts, you’ll have a baseline for your Twitter performance.

Set measurable Twitter goals

Success on any social media platform begins with having clear, measurable goals. There’s no way to know if your strategy is having a positive impact on your business unless you understand what you’re trying to achieve.

You want to create SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound. So “going viral” doesn’t count. These goals should align with your high-level business objectives, and be broken down into measurable indicators of success.

Check out the competition

So don’t forget to review the Twitter accounts for your industry competitors. Analyzing their social media can help you refine your own, by revealing weaknesses or gaps in their strategy, and ways that you can distinguish yourself.

Make a content calendar

When creating your calendar, consider:

  • How often you want to post
  • The best times to post
  • Who should approve posts

A calendar can also help you assess your content and see if you’re sharing a balanced mix of tweets. You want to follow the rule of thirds (number 8 on this list): ⅓ of tweets promote your business, ⅓ share personal stories, and ⅓ are informative insights from experts or influencers.

Measure your impact

Once your marketing strategy is underway, you need to be regularly evaluating your efforts and checking your progress against those SMART goals you set.

But the data available to you can be overwhelming— there are a ton of metrics at your fingertips, including vanity metrics that aren’t always meaningful. So think about which metrics really matter. Getting a lot of retweets from a funny meme is great— but did any of those translate to conversions or sales?

Social Media Marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn marketing Guide

LinkedIn is a profession social media site and it is so official that it does not promote unprofessionalism.

It has over 660 million users across the globe, meaning the platform is one of the top social networks today. LinkedIn is all about building networks and connections. It’s not only about who you know, but about who your connections know.

That’s the real power of LinkedIn for business: the ability to tap into existing connections and grow your brand through word-of-mouth. It’s also the top-rated social network for lead generation.

This guide is chock full of LinkedIn tips you can begin implementing immediately to help you learn how to use the platform to improve brand awareness, share your marketing content, and grow your business.

What is LinkedIn marketing?

LinkedIn marketing is the process of using LinkedIn to make connections, generate leads, improve brand awareness, foster business relationships and partnerships, share content, and drive traffic to your website. LinkedIn is an integral part of many successful business’ marketing strategies today because of how effective it can be in expanding professional networks.

When you use LinkedIn to market your business, you gain access to useful features related to analytics, connections, and brand-building, just to name a few. (Don’t worry, we’ll review all of these and more in depth momentarily).

How to Use LinkedIn

First, Optimize your account with your Name and pictures as usual. Your profile is very important in LinkedIn. Try to make it as professional as possible

And of course dictate authority with your profile, add your certifications and awards. Make everything legit and tantalizing. A great profile on LinkedIn gets more user visit than any other thing you want to do. So when creating your profile, you should be extra patient

Connections is next. Find influencers. That is the best way to connect on LinkedIn. If you can provide very good professional contents and you follow the right profiles, you can attract audience to your profile

Your profile which stands as an informative page for the audience. And you should be professional when trying to connect on LinkedIn so you won’t get blocked. You might get banned if your connections refuse to accept your invite.

And of course if you follow the awareness, interest, desire and action to buy idea, you will be able to strategize your way to the peak.

But I repeat, your profile setup speaks a lot for your LinkedIn account

In summary, here are the steps to start marketing using the social media platform:

  1. Customize your public profile URL
  2. Add a LinkedIn background photo to your profile
  3. Add a ProFinder Badge to your profile
  4. Take advantage of the blog and website links on your LinkedIn profile
  5. Search engine optimize your LinkedIn profile
  6. Add, remove, and rearrange sections of your profile
  7. Use Saved Searches and Search Alerts in Recruiter
  8. List job opportunities and recruit new talent with LinkedIn’s job postings
  9. Take advantage of LinkedIn Endorsements
  10. Use Open Profile to send messages to people you’re not connected to
  11. Check your Network Updates or share your own
  12. Be identifiable
  13. Check out who’s viewed your LinkedIn profile
  14. Export connections
  15. Customize your Connections to grow your professional network
  16. Join LinkedIn Groups
  17. Create your own LinkedIn Group
  18. Communicate with your LinkedIn Group
  19. Share your LinkedIn status updates on Twitter
  20. Leverage @mentions in your status updates
  21. Optimize your LinkedIn Company Page
  22. Create LinkedIn Showcase Pages
  23. Post company status updates and target them
  24. Check out LinkedIn’s Content Marketing Score & Trending Content resources
  25. Experiment with LinkedIn’s Sponsored Content and Native Ads
  26. Share content through LinkedIn’s publishing platform
  27. Add a Page Follow Button to your website
  28. Analyze your LinkedIn marketing performance

LinkedIn for business: tips and ideas

Just because you build a Company Page doesn’t mean that followers will come. You can boost your chances of success with the following LinkedIn for business tips and strategies:

  1. Encourage your employees to connect with your company’s LinkedIn Page
  2. Publish valuable content
  3. Include rich media
  4. Take advantage of LinkedIn Groups
  5. Try Showcase Pages
  6. Go global with multi-language tools
  7. Understand the LinkedIn algorithm
  8. Incorporate LinkedIn ads
  9. Learn from LinkedIn Analytics

Above all, remember that LinkedIn is a professional network that allows you to build credibility, create a meaningful network, and glean insider expertise from established experts in your industry. It’s a valuable tool in your social marketing arsenal, so make sure you’re using every opportunity it provides.


Remember, there is no perfect strategy to making your digital marketing, you have to understand your niche and audience. Marketing on social media is no difference as a good social media marketer is someone who knows how to bring his/her product to the society in the best way possible.

With these marketing skills and your experience you will be able to achieve that and become a social media expert.

Damilola Majekodunmi

Damilola Majekodunmi

Damilola Majekodunmi is a Google certified digital marketer at Fovero Digital Technologies. He is also student of the University of Lagos and has worked with various businesses and aims towards improvement and success

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