7 ways to rank on Google without a website12 min read

How to rank on Google without a website
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Can you rank well on google without a website in this digital age? Can you still be found by your customers on search engines?

Believe it or not you can!

Getting customers in an industry, however, comes with a number of unique challenges. One of them includes the increasing expectation of consumers to be able to get information about your business and services online.

So being able to be found online is essential to your success. Google crawls the web, and uses various factors to determine which pages are the most useful and relevant for its users. This is for virtually any topic that is why it is called the all-powerful.

We don’t only trust Google’s results, we rely on them to make decisions throughout the day for every aspect of our lives. With such great influence and immense power, getting your business or yourself on Google page might seem unrealistic.

However, it this very power Google holds that makes it more possible than ever to rank well on the of Google results. We’ve got some good, and some not so good news for you. Of course, we recommend you have a website your own asset that you own in the online world.

However, in the short term it is still possible to rank on page one of a Google search even if you don’t have your own website.

Want to know how?

People want to find the best places that are closest to them. So maybe you can’t change your business’s physical location, but you can influence other factors that drive your prospects’ searches and make you a top ranking business in your area.

While having a website is very crucial especially for your digital marketing goals, you don’t have to be scared as long as you stay on the top of Google’s search results with the strategies below.

However, before we take a look at that, let’s see why you should aim to rank on Google.

Why you should aim to rank on Google

Here are three short, handpicked reasons why ranking on Google is a good fit for you

1. To get more visibility

Millions of people use search engines daily. And information, websites, businesses and more that are displayed on the first page gets more popular and visible day by day.

To get the visibility you need for yourself and/or business, ranking on Google is something that you should consider.

I would like to note however that being visible and ranking on Google shouldn’t be your priority.  Instead you should focus on optimizing your conversion rates to make more sales or achieve your goals.

2. Reach your target audience

Apart from just getting seen, you should have a greater goal. This should be to reach those specific group of people you intended to.

You know ranking on google can help you do that.

3. For digital marketing

Digital Marketing is the heart and soul of biggest businesses nowadays and I don’t see why you shouldn’t benefit from it. Especially during this pandemic, the need for digital marketing is greater than ever.

This is one of the reasons you shouldn’t ignore every opportunity you have to getting found online.

How to rank your business on Google Easily

As I have mentioned above, these are easy to follow tactics that you can implement to achieve your online goals.

Step 1: Conduct Keyword Research

Keyword research still relies on the basic concepts of search engine optimization. After all, you want to ensure that you will get the right kind of visitors to your site, not unqualified traffic that doesn’t advance your business goals in any way.

The goal of your keyword research is to see what type of content to push out that would positively impact your business. You can publish these contents on high authority websites, social media etc. and quickly rank on page one.

To understand better and make this process a bit easier, start with seed keywords. Seed keywords are at the core of keyword research your business. They help you explain your products, define your niche, and identify your competitors.

For example, if you’re an online store that sells iPhone accessories, then your seed keywords might be “iPhone add-ons,” “iPhone accessories” or “iPhone gadgets.”

Optimize your keyword research a bit further and deeper. This means instead of settling for short-tail keywords like the ones above, you should look for long-tail keywords too.

While they do not have the same volume as short tail keywords, but they are more likely to attract the right crowd as they are more specific.

Step 2: Get your business on social media accounts.

Social Media Marketing is always a great place to start. In fact, your digital marketing is never complete without you being on social media

So, be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Foursquare. Many of these social Medias have been around and in operation for many years thereby gaining authorities and many trusted backlinks.

The success of your business and content depends on the social media and your marketing strategy also.

So, identify the social media platforms that is going to be helpful to you, your business and marketing activities.

This is crucial to growing your rank on Google.

In fact, a lot of business rank on Google first by result shown from social media such as Facebook before ranking on their websites. So why not leverage this?

Step 3: Setting up a local SEO strategy and campaign 

Setting up a local SEO campaign is quite a practical and straightforward process. However, you do need to know your ABCs of local search and use the proper tools to make it effective.

Start by setting up Google My Business

Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. By verifying and editing your business information, you can both help customers find you and tell them the story of your business

Numerous studies quote Google My Business as the number one source of traffic for local businesses. So, it’s paramount that you learn how to set it up correctly.

Firstly, people will need to find your location and physically come to you (or at least be close by if you only deliver within a certain radius).

Secondly, you will have plenty of competitors, so you need to optimize your Google My Business page to perfection. it’s vital that you understand what it takes to create a good listing and the information Google wants to see.

Take a few minutes to read the guidelines and learn about how to verify your location and represent your business accurately. Once you have a good understanding of Google’s requirements, it’s time to choose the right category for your business. Be very careful with this selection since the classification you pick will influence every Google search from now on.

Complete Your Business Listing

If you want to make your business listing attractive to both search engines and your audience, then you need to complete it thoroughly. Here’s the thing: Google will always give preference to the listing that offers more information.

Plus, searchers will also be inclined to pick the business that provides as many details as possible. Don’t just fill out the basics, such as your address, business hours or phone number. Include special hours, photos, a link to your menu, the type of payment you accept, and so on.

List on other Business Listing websites

While Google my business is very helpful and essential, there are other listing websites out there to help you get more visibility and rank on Google.

Major search engines like Google has business listing website and the most popular listing websites includes:

Make It a Presentation, Not a Spectacle

Your Google My Business (or other business listing) page is not the place to show-off, or use tricks from your marketing magic bag.

Present your business professionally and offer valuable insights that will convince customers to choose you over your competitors. Help your prospects see the good things they can find at your restaurant.

For example, don’t forget to mention your garden terrace or special pancake recipe that everybody loves. You can do so through photos, videos, or stories. A media enriched page will look more attractive to searchers than one that provides just the basic information.

Step 4: Utilize customer reviews to engage with Your Existing Customers

Customer reviews are another important factor people take into consideration when choosing a local restaurant from a search – plus they help with your Google ranking.

Take care of your existing customers and always be prompt in responding to their feedback. Encourage reviews and let them speak for themselves.

Using reviews is more important than you think as they are usually present in more than 92% of location or business related searches

According to a recent study, 84% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Use this to your advantage and don’t hesitate to ask for feedback from your loyal customers.

Your customers can see a selection of reviews directly from a Google search. The visibility and accessibility of these reviews makes them a key component to your local SEO strategy.

Step 5: Use blogs and forum sites

Let’s say you even have a website. Ranking on Google takes more time, effort and investment than you think.

After working on some campaigns or piece of content to rank on Google, you will see it is not easy to get the ranking you need.

There are a lot of factors Google takes into consideration and those factors are constantly  getting updated.

If you check for most websites on the first page of Google, most of them usually have high domain authority and backlinks.

That’s not fair for new sites that haven’t been around long enough to have quality links from authoritative domains pointing to them. They’re at a disadvantage, and they have to work ten times as hard as reputable sites to get picked up by web crawlers.

Instead of taking the normal route, where you have to build your backlink profile slowly and steadily, you’re taking a shortcut by leveraging the domain authority of another site.

Taking advantage of the sites that are perfectly optimized and already have tons of backlinks can make it easier for you to rank well for a variety of business.

You are not trying to rank your own site; you are ranking an already established and credible website for terms that are related to your business, by publishing content as an author on these sites.

The advantages of conducting a keyword research is to know the right keyword content to use that will rank well in each time at a specific moment you are publishing for your business.

Some of the websites you can write contents to get more visibility on your business include:

Step 6: Take advantages of your images

Did you even know that the images can be optimized for SEO purposes?

As a matter of fact, 22.6% of Google searches returns/are based on images. Do you see the potential visibility and opportunity you are leaving out?

Here are two ways you can optimize your images for Search Engine Optimization:

Social Media Images

Social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram allows you to add an alternate description to your images. Apart from these useful for readability, they also improve your chance of ranking with images on google.

So, take time to use this feature to your advantage before you upload your next social media image

Geotagging your images

This is a smart trick to bring even more customers to your business/social media page from a Google search.

Put some time into creating a small database of visual resources such as location-based pictures of your restaurant, happy customers, eye-catching visuals of your menu items… anything you can think of.

When you are uploading an image of your business to Flickr, Picasa or other image platforms, fill in the tags with your location and other keyword-rich information.

That way, you increase the chances that your restaurant will show up on the first page of Google. Preferably with a beautiful looking visual of your signature dish!

Geotagging your images is not a difficult process, and it will improve your local SEO significantly, so take full advantage of it.

Step 7: Connect social media accounts to your business page

As mentioned before, it helps if you combine multiple online sources that point to your business page, so you cover as much virtual ground as possible – without having a website.

Be on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Foursquare and always mention your business page in your profile descriptions. This way, you gain additional exposure and get more referral traffic to your page.

The more people that see your business page on Google, the more likely Google is to show it to other searchers because they perceive it as interesting and relevant. It’s a win-win.


In Conclusion, having a professional-looking website and optimizing it to perfection isn’t the only way to rank high or well in Google.

It may sound odd, but as we’ve demonstrated above, local SEO matters just as much than having a website for your business.

Don’t stop at Google to make your business relevant in search results. Make sure you know which other sites your audience uses to look for recommendations in your niche.

For example, you could build your business page, social media platforms and get listed on specialized websites like TripAdvisor or Yelp, as they will often appear in Google search results too.

Use their established traffic and audience to show up on page one without your own physical website.

However, we will always recommend building a website as this would help boost those efforts further. We are sure you can afford it; we have made it that way. Contact us today.

Olawale S. Adewale

Olawale S. Adewale

Olawale Adewale is a digital marketer with expertise in content marketing, creative writing, search marketing and copywriting. He is also the Founder of Opticad Technological Advancement, a digital marketing agency dedicated to training people in tech.

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