Top 10 Ecommerce Tips to boost your Ecommerce Business10 min read

Top 10 ecommerce tips for your ecommerce business
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Table of Contents

So, you have found the right platform to build your ecommerce business and looking for ecommerce tips to help you make more sales and things easier for you? These ecommerce tips would surely go a long way to help that your ecommerce business. No matter what you are selling or how long you have been online, these would go a long way to help you.

Look no further as you have found exactly what you need for your ecommerce business to scale up

Starting an ecommerce business is one of the top business ideas I have previously written about. But today, we would learn how to take it a bit further to see what you can do to improve your ecommerce business.

These ecommerce tips would go a long way in helping your ecommerce business. However, if for any reason, you are having issues setting up your ecommerce store or making sales, do not hesitate to contact us.

How to setup Paystack Payment Gateway for your ecommerce business

NOTE: We have prepared a guide for you on how to setup a payment pages for your product easily. This would enable you to accept payment from anyone, anywhere in the world regardless of whether you have an ecommerce store or not. Let us know if you run into any issues

Tips to boost your ecommerce business sales in no time

1. Create a good plan/content marketing strategy

The first of the ecommerce tips I have for you entails your planning process.

Just like every other business you are about to start, you also have to build a plan before starting an ecommerce business.

An ecommerce business especially need such plans or strategy if it ever wants to succeed.

You simply have to write a list of methods you plan to use to get your customers, be it videos, newsletters, blog post e.tc.

You also have to plan how you will get your good, the kind of goods and services you want to be involved in etc.

Also after starting your business, you need to check in with your plans, to see if what you are doing tallies with your plan.

In checking every month or even every week, you will know what works for your business and what to improve on.

Part of creating a content marketing strategy is making an original content. Original content helps in building strong connection with your customers. Most companies use already made contents form around the web in their marketing strategies so as to have time for other business tasks.

However, this is wrong, original contents from you, yourself, should be considered part of the business task as it builds knowledge base especially for those interested in learning more about your products/business.

2) Have a good SEO strategy:

A search engine optimization is also a part of your content strategy. It is actually a very important part and one of the best ecommerce tips you should take note of. Why? Because it determines your visibility on the internet(online). “If you want to survive in the competitive digital landscape, you have to have great SEO”.

Let’s start with your website;

Some of the qualities it must have includes:

Fast page speed

Mobile responsiveness

Good User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) Design

Ease of Checkout

Well-built pages

There are other tons of things your ecommerce store should have, most of which are here.

What about your product images? Are they well optimized with alternate text? Even if you don’t plan on creating your ecommerce store, your SEO strategy would tell if you get found easily. And as you have already thought, getting found more easily means making more sales in the long run.

3) Use of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

This third ecommerce tip is probably something you are already familiar with and have gone through on various ecommerce websites you have visited.

I am sure you usually see a section dedicated to FAQs I’m most websites you browse. An ecommerce is an online only transaction, so there is no physical interaction with shop owners.

Hence having a section dedicated to FAQs on your site is useful in pre-answering popular questions that a user/ customer might have. Necessary information is shared using FAQs and it helps in retaining traffic.

This also provides great User Experience for your customers as they would already have answers to the questions they might have.

How do you build your FAQs section? What questions do you enlist and provide answers to?

The answer to that is simple


Make research into similar stores in your niche, check popular websites, what answers do they provide to their customers? What questions do their customers asks?

Check out forums, blogs, social medias. What do these people discuss or ask about concerning the topics relating to your niche or industry?


The safest but often requiring time and effort is taking surveys of people interested in your niche or past and present customers. Ask them what it is they like about you and what they don’t like. Know what they are thinking about you. Try to understand the difficulties and challenges they might have and also find a way to solve or provide answer to them.


Put yourself in their shoes, what are the things you think that would prove to be an issue? Anything that might puzzle you or prove burdensome? There you have it!

Those things you think about, write them down and provide answers to them in your FAQs section.

4) Use more Photos Visuals

– I am sure you know- are processed faster than texts and here is a fact to that effect; according to Social Science Research Network:

65% of people are visual learners.

Social Science Research

Therefore, one way (maybe even the best way) to pit message across to your customers (both permanent and potential customers) is through the use of more visual and less text content.

So use more photos on your site as well as social media pages if you are not using already.

Endeavour investing money to get good graphics or infographics as this would communicate better to your customers and also show your level of professionalism.

You can contact us for affordable graphics.


How to choose the best logo for your business.

Best business ideas to invest into in 2020

5) Make good use of Social media

Social media is your friend as an ecommerce business (even non-ecommerce business). It is very important in bringing your business to wider audience around the world.

Neglecting social media or being socially absent is the worst decision ever for your business. Social media is one of the ways new customers find your store, and it also a way to retain customers. It is a core aspect of decision making for your business.

And do you know what the best part is?

Social media marketing is the easiest and cheapest type of digital marketing to get started with and proven to be very effective.

Remember, if you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

6) Be mobile friendly

This has been briefly mentioned in one of the ecommerce tips earlier but we can’t over-emphasize it’s importance. It’s not new that most shoppers actually browse and make purchases using their mobile devices these days.

So, one of the best thing you can do for yourself and your business is to make you website mobile friendly. I mean since most of your customers are on mobile, then it definitely makes sense for your site to be accessible via mobile too right?

However, it is unfortunate that a lot of people have fallen into the hands of some web developers who don’t know what it actually takes to build a lead generating website. Such websites are slow, unresponsive and sloppy.

Whatever of the situation you find yourself in, strive to ensure your website looks the best irrespective of the device it is being accessed through.

Want to redesign your website? Let us know.

7) Have a good delivery/ return policy

Another of the ecommerce tips that you can notice from most ecommerce business and brands is this:

You need to get your delivery offers and return policies right. It true that you may have a great mobile friendly sight, products with good/cheaper prices but with a bad delivery system, all the good things mentioned would make you lose faster than you gain.

Getting this right would build a good relationship between you and your customers.

Your customers will want speedy delivery (nowadays people just want to press a button and get things they order within seconds), so you have to choose reliable delivery options and also deliver at the time specified.

Your return policy should also be stress free for your customers – as stress free as you can make it. Customers need to know that they can return items easily when they want to, then they will be more likely to make more purchases.

8) Have more Payment options and easy check out processes

This is one of the best ecommerce tips I have prepared for you. Getting this right can set you apart and make thing really easy for you and your ecommerce customers.

When you have a wide range of payment options you cater for all types of shoppers. You can have a mixture of credit/ debit cards, payment through PayPal and paystack etc.

A short video on how to make such payment options on paystack has being made available for you above. And it pretty simple to make, just follow the video.

Your customers will be Happy with you and even thank you.

The same goes for your checkout process (and I don’t mean have a wide range of check out process that could be bad). What you will want to do with your checkout process is to make it as smooth, simple and easy as possible.

The checkout is very important for a business, as it is the last step of your customers’ journey in your website. You do not want to frustrate anyone including your customers at the end of their journey or do you?

9) Have Loyalty and referral programs

Having a good loyalty and referral program helps to retain old customers while bringing in new ones. You do not want to miss out on the benefits of including them in your plan since it is very good to retain customers.

A loyalty program makes the customer feel valued and appreciated by you. Giving your customers rewards is also a way to show gratitude to your loyal and dedicated customer.

Doing this, you actually get to gain more than you lose and is not just one of the good ecommerce tips but a great point for all business to note.

10) Prioritizing Customer Support

This is the last of the ecommerce tips I have for you. This would be the deciding factor if another customer would refer you to someone else.

Prioritizing customer support helps you to turn unhappy customer into loyal one. So you have to make it a priority and a matter of urgency to be there for your customers as soon as you can to resolve any issues they might have with your services.

This shows that you value them and that you keep your site’s promises. When you prioritize customer support, it leads to more brand awareness and builds loyalty and trust.

So answer all questions, emails and respond to comments quickly either through your website or social medial pages, this keeps your customers and even you happy.

Finally, I can assure you that if you follow the ecommerce tips listed here for your ecommerce business, you would definitely boost and increase your sales. It would also aid in providing the best user experience for your customers.

Do you have any questions, or other tips you want to add?

Drop them in the comment section below.

Rasheedat Usman

Rasheedat Usman

Rasheedat Usman is a web and ecommerce developer at Fovero Digital Technologies. She has great expertise in front-end web development and strives to learn and explore more, the world of technology.

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