Top 15 tips to market right to your customers and create a solid marketing plan16 min read

Top 15 tips to market right
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Table of Contents

To market right to your customers is one of the things every business man wants to know and have idea of. It doesn’t matter whether you are a digital marketer, sales representative, business development manager or more. We all want and strive to make sales.

Why you should to market right and have a marketing plan

Here are 5 tops reasons why marketing right should be a big and great concern for you.

1. Make Sales

I bet you know that one of the major concerns of many businesses is to make sales. It’s something you really want to do. Whether what you have to offer to people is a particular good, service or even SaaS. Learning to market right would give you a boost in the right direction to do that.

2. Generate Leads

In case you don’t know, leads are potential customers that have taken an interest in your business. This category of people haven’t yet been converted or become your customers but are definitely interested. Generating leads is a very important part of achieving sales and you have to market right to get there.

3. Build Reputation

To market right means to build your business and brand far and wide to people. Doing this right with a solid digital marketing strategy would build a perception of what people think of you and your business.

4. Grow your Business

Marketing is the driving force behind the major brands. See any business, organization or brands that have grown to the stage they are and you’d apparently see solid marketing efforts behind them. So, to ensure your business grows to the right point you need it to, you have to market right.

5. Open further opportunities

When and if you play your marketing game right, you tend to attract better and further opportunities for your business. Opportunities such as partnership, investment and many more gets attracted to your business.

So why are your customers not buying from you?

There might be many reasons why your customers are not buying from you. You could be here reading over and over again without getting to what you need to do. So, instead of just pointing out what might be wrong, how about you learn what to do right?

I have found this method to be better and more effective. So from a series of studying, research and experiences I will share with you are the top 15 things to help you market right, create good digital marketing plan and sell better to your customers.

The Top 15 Tips to Market Right

1. Brand Your Business Professionally

Using Branding to market right

Branding seems to be a common word nowadays as everyone everywhere screams and tells you to create a brand for your business. However, I would have you know that you could be doing it wrong.

Creating a brand professionally exceeds what you know and have been taught.

You can start here by putting the following 5 point below in your checklist and see if you measure up:

  1. Have a symbolic representation (Creating a logo and related)
  2. Let your business speak a voice to people
  3. Your customers know who you are and what you do
  4. People know what your values are about
  5. Your marketing is unique and different from what others do

Have you checked through all these and you found yourself and business doing well?

Don’t relent here, you’ve only just begun. Let’s continue;

2. Understand Your Customers (audience)

Understanding your customers

Understanding your customers/audience is very crucial if you want to market right to your audience. This is one thing I tell people that they need to do before even creating a business or marketing plan.

You have to know who you are marketing to, what motivates them to buy and more. Only this way could you actually have a focused marketing effort.

Think about it:

How can you sell to people you don’t know or have no idea what they want?

The best marketing plan and strategy are those in which you can get into the mind your customers and convince them you are the right choice.

3. Have A Solid Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy is the cornerstone of your marketing plan. It is what determines the speed and effectiveness of marketing plan. Developing a marketing strategy can be a somewhat challenging task as you have to consider a lot of factors; but it doesn’t have to be very difficult.

You have to consider what your goals are, where, when and how you want to achieve it and the resource you can invest in it. Your digital marketing platforms also have a lot to say in the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

Another thing to further increase its effectiveness is to include some other tips included below such as:

  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Accessibility
  • Giveaways
  • Customer Relationship Management

Overall, your marketing strategy could be in steps, phases, multidimensional and more; but must ensure you are marketing right with the aim of achieving set goals.

4. Create Awareness

Creating awareness

If you are just starting a business or you are already running a business. There are some essential questions you need to ask yourself, which are;

Do people know about you?

How many people actually knows about you?

Are you targeting the right market?

Is your message reaching those who would have an interest in your product or service?

Your answers to those questions will give you an idea if you are creating enough awareness for your business, because no one will buy what they don’t know about. So if you are not creating enough awareness, you so need to because that’s one of the reasons your customers are not buying from you.

5. Make sure your business is understood

Business understanding

Consumers don’t buy your products or pay for your services solely based on price, but they also buy based on the benefits your products or services brings to them.

 So, to market right there is a need to make them(consumers) understand what you are offering them. Make them understand your business better, them not understanding your business makes it difficult for them to patronize you. So work on it!

Ask yourself:

How do people view your business?

What do they really think, know and understand about you?

Getting answers to this would let you know how understood your business is and also to create a marketing plan to make up for this lapses.

6. Create extra value for your business

Creating extra value for business

Consumers will not buy product that they perceive as having no value. Why should your customers value your products? Ask yourself that.

 Being able to answer that would give you an idea of what you can add to your business, to make your customers perceive value in what you are offering them.

It could be in form of

  • a bonus package or giveaway
  • Top-notch customer support
  • Or anything else

All you have to do is think and identify what is that extra value you can add.

When your customers see what you are selling to them as unnecessary, that’s not good. You need to educate them on why they need your products or service. They also need to know how the absence of your products or service can create problems for them. Finally, they need to be able identify what values your business has and offer.

But before all that, there are questions you need to ask yourself. They are;

  • Do your customers know how your products or service meet their needs?
  • Does it make their lives easier, save them time, make them feel better?
  • What does your product satisfy?

Having all that in mind would help you create solutions, that would not make your customers see your products or service as unnecessary. Instead they’ll see it as an essential business that adds value to them. Trust me!

7. Have a Unique Selling Point (USP)

Having a unique selling point to market right

The chances are there are competitors in your industry that have been there longer than you have been. So, how do you convince them to come to you?

The answer is simple:

You need to have a unique selling point. Something that differentiate you from the competitors.

Your Unique Selling Point is the essence of what makes your services or products better than your competitors. It is offering something unique and quite uncommon.

Your USP could be in your:

  • Accessibility
  • Ease of Use
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Customer Support
  • Extra advantages

You need to identify this and build on it and you’ll have something unique to offer to people. This will truly separate your business from others and make it unique.

8. Ensure you are always accessible


Take note, consumers cannot buy what is not available to them. If they hear about your products but it is not accessible, they can’t buy.

Have an omnipresence strategy where your customers can find you through your website, social media, search, offline or any other platforms needed.

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 Try as much as you can to make your products and accessible enough, it’s so important for the growth of your business.

Think about it, what if you are interested in a particular business/product/service and there is no way to access/contact them; what would you do? You’d go for the next available option.

As much as you need to work on other things, you have to also note that accessibility can reduce your rate of conversion.

9. Do Giveaways


A giveaway is a marketing initiative, that helps to generate more exposure for your goods and services. So, have you considered the powerful benefits of incorporating giveaways into your marketing strategies.

Now, let’s answer the question, why do giveaway for your business? Check this out;

Giveaways are powerful lead generation secret weapons for any business or brand. If you want to generate leads for your brand or business, probably your business social media pages or for your website, giveaways can make it possible.


You can make giveaways inexpensive and cost effective marketing channel; the cost associated with running a giveaway can be low and predictable. Just budget for the cost of the prize, how you will market it, and the time you spend on managing the process.

Giveaway is an amazing way to generate buzz around your brand or business. Having the prize be your product or any of your services, will help generate interest and fuel excitement. Making use of your products as the giveaway prize is one way to get people excited about your products or services and try it out.

It is also a great way of showing appreciation to customers who have been supporting and patronizing your brand.

Everyone loves the chance of winning. There’s nothing more joyful than delivering the good news to your winners. Relative to other marketing channels, winning a giveaway can be a blast and also something you can work on or with in your marketing plan.

10. Pricing


If you are really serious about marketing right, then your pricing is something you have to review. This is one of the reasons we ensure our services are very affordable.

In his article: The 4 P’s of Marketing, Neil Patel advises:

“If you are in a new space or already a leader, you can charge a premium amount. On the flip side, if your space is saturated and you are late to the market, you’ll want to consider having a cheaper price (if not the cheapest price).”

Here are some important questions you should ask to help you determine the right pricing:

  • What is the lowest price you can sell your products and/or services without compromising quality?
  • What is the highest price that consumers would be willing to pay?
  • How sensitive to price are your customers?
  • What prices do current leaders in your niche/industry charge?
  • How does your price compare to the competition?

11. Provide excellent services

Excellent services

The best way to market right is to ensure you provide excellent service to your customers. This would go a long way to market your business for you.

Even if you employ the best digital marketing strategy for adequate conversion, poor service quality would keep knocking them out.

You want to also make sure you actually deliver what you promised and more. Poor customer services have reduced the efficiency of some businesses’ marketing.

12. Treat your customers as assets that will grow in value.

Treat your customers as assets

Yes, how do you treat your customer? Do you actually care about them enough to treat them exceptionally well?

You must have heard the phrase: “Customers are always right!”. This doesn’t mean you have to be passive of complacent when dealing with them; it means you:

  • Treat them with care, love and respect;
  • Make them feel listened to;
  • Treat difficult situations diplomatically
  • Provide excellent customer support.

You should always put into consideration that, there might be some customers that are unsatisfied, difficult to deal with and more. You however should be willing, able and ready to treat them rightly.

13. Create an affiliate/customer loyalty programs.

Customer Loyalty Programs

You can further step up your marketing game by creating affiliate program or customer loyalty programs.

The difference between the two is that affiliate programs benefits even those who haven’t been converted to your customers yet but can refer people to buy from you; while a customer loyalty program on the other hand rewards your customers once they have purchased from you.

Your affiliate program could be a pay per click, pay per sale, pay per lead or you can use any other modality that seems easy for you. Affiliate programs are so great that they allow people in other niche or industry to bring customers to you.

Your customer loyalty program on the other hand involves you offering special offers, discounts, points and more to customers once they have purchased from you. This would motivate and enable them to purchase again in order to win more of what you offer.

Try implementing these two marketing tips/strategies today and you’d notice a difference in your results.

14. Build relationships

Build relationships

Rand Fishkin said “Don’t build links, build relationships.” This is true for all type of businesses and transactions. Build your business in such ay that you develop relationships with both your customers, competitors, influencers and experts in the industry.

To ensure you market right, having a very good marketing plan is crucial but you also have to work beyond that. Building relationships and partnerships would provide sustainability and open your business up to further opportunities.

15. Talk to the experts

Talk to the digital marketing experts

There are always people who have adequate knowledge, skills and experience which can help you in marketing and making sales. You can always reach out to us to help you play the marketing game right. This would help you reach your goals faster at a cost effective price.


Don’t be discouraged if you have been having issues with marketing your business/products/services or organization. There are always challenges and difficulties along the way which is why you should learn how to deal with them.

These tips here would work a long way to ensure you market right, scale up your business and have a marketing plan. Once you do all that is listed here, put it in practice, before long you’d start seeing noticeable changes in your marketing results.

Ayomide Odewale

Ayomide Odewale

Ayomide Odewale is the founder of Fovero Digital Technologies. He is an IT expert and enthusiast with certifications and experience in various fields which includes Graphics Design, Digital Marketing, Web/App/Software Development. He founded Fovero Digital Technologies, an online company dedicated to making I.T. work for everyone with ease.

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