What is UI and UX Design and Why You Need It For Your Next Project7 min read

What is UI and UX design
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The reason why we have poorly coded and poor user interfaces nowadays is because most developers just dive into code without knowing what direction to face and what exactly to do. UI/UX design has come in to solve this.

With the advancement in technologies and rise of different digital platforms, everyone loves and appreciates websites, apps, software etc that is most user friendly, easy and offers the best experience for their users.

UI and UX Design are terms that you might not really understand them or their importance; but we would look at more closely in this article.

What exactly is UI and UX Design

User Interface (UI) Design is the process of creating and improving the presentation and the interactivity of a user-oriented interface be it web, mobile, software etc. It focuses on the app’s look and interacts with the users.

User Experience (UX) Design on the other hand is the procedure of creating and improving the overall experience of the users when they interact with the interface. This is in order to achieve its objective and to provide the maximum customer satisfaction.

User Interface design and User Experience design are still relatively new fields; but coming into light with the realization of the need to create the digital products that meets their expectations and needs.

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Why UI and UX Design is Important For Your Next Project

Getting the right UI and UX for your digital product has a whole lot of thing it could do right for you but we would look at the most important ones

Points you in the right direction

UI and UX Design would create the guide for your project development. You already know what your app/software/website should look like and what to expect from it.

This helps both the client, project manager, developer and other designers associated or involved in the process.

You know what type/shape of icon to create, where it should be, the right functions to write to give that exact effect; and if the final product gives a different result, you know something is wrong and where it went wrong.

Improves the Look and Feel

Ensuring that your next app or mobile of software looks just right and brings your imagination our, UI/UX Design is the channel to go through.

You can even have your UI/UX Design done before going through the development/programming stage. This is to ensure everything is in the right place.

Increases Responsiveness and Interactivity

A user interface designer makes the technology easy and intuitive for people to use.

UI designers work on the areas where users directly interact with the product and ensure that everything looks cool and clean. UX designers on the other hand would work on making sure that the product is highly interactive and gives the users the experience and simulation that would be positive.

A product that looks great but is difficult to use is an example of great UI design and poor UX design. While a product that looks bad/terrible but very usable is an example of great UX design and poor UI Design.

Both of them are required to be great and blend with each other to create a great and seamless digital product

Ensures Product Success on all Platforms

If you want to create an online software for example and want to make sure that the interface, dashboard and pages on all screen sizes, devices, etc still meets the expectations or needs it was meant to be; then UI/UX Design is the way to go.

These fields ensure the success of your product on all platforms without any exemptions before, during, or after launching.

Meets Set Goals

It is a sure thing that even before embarking on the journey to create that particular product, you already have it in mind what exactly you want it to do and how it should do it.

UI/UX Design would ensure that your product(s) follows that purpose and meets the specific goals you have in mind.

Generates loyalty and recommendations

A well-designed website/application that is easy to use and useful will definitely encourage word or mouth advertising and improves good recommendations and reviews from it’s users.

A part of UX is to make sharing easy. A free recommendation from a user is far more potent than a paid-for advertisement.

Going further, in-fact increases loyalty base and amount of people who would rather decide to stick to using your product even if there are similar products from your competitors maybe rumoured to even be better than yours.

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How UI and UX Design Can Help Your Business

UI/UX design cuts down development costs

Do you know that the proper UI/UX design helps with the project development costs? It allows you to stay within budget or even cut costs of development.

In the UI/UX design process, there is always mix of comprehensive user research, information architecture design, wireframing, prototyping, user testing, and final implementation. These are some of the things we ensure to do.

During user research and prototyping, we determine

  • more accurate estimation of your products
  • how easy it is to use
  • how and which users interact with it best etc.

These results would have great impact in choosing the graphics designers, developers and even the best digital marketing plan and strategy for your product.

They increase your revenue

Yes, good UI/UX Design can improve your revenue/profits.

Do you know it has been proven that 75 percent of people judges an app or website on its aesthetic design? So, think about the impact carefully; 75 out of 100 people who visit your website for example would most likely prefer to buy from your website based on its looks.

That brings us to the fact that:

A user-friendly interface (one that is built with great UI/UX Design) and that fulfills a user/customer’s needs would more likely generate and convert customers which would directly increase your sales and profits.

Keeps you from wasting resources

Investing in better UI/UX design solutions would enable you to conserve on important resources; such as human resources, time, and money.

The human resources involved in creating the product would be more accurately identified and managed. Once you know the number of professionals in fields such as graphics design, development, marketing, sales etc; you would be able to identify and manage them more efficiently

The time and money involved in developing the product and managing it would also be well conserved.

How to Know if You Need UI and UX Design

Well the answer to that part should be pretty straightforward; whenever you want to embark on any type of project; or create any product that involves digital technologies or people/users to interact with it.

We believe the model for the development process is and should be:

This enables we get the best results while leaving out minimal room for errors.

Getting Started With UI and UX Design

Here at Fovero Digital Technologies, we believe that great idea/content deserves great design. These designs would help ensure that the final product reaches the climax never thought possible.

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Definition of Terms

UI Design – The process of creating the look and presentation of a digital product such as a Website, Application, Software etc. This is to make it good and attractive for the users.

UX Design – The process of creating the best experience for users as they interact with a particular product and interface.

Prototyping – The process of creating a sample, model, or release of a product built to test a concept or process.

Wireframing – A way to design an interface at the structural level.

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Editorial Team

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