What makes a successful website?: Generating Leads for your Website10 min read

What makes a successful website
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Table of Contents

Do you know that there are millions of websites on the web today but not all of them can be said to be successful websites? Yes, the website design agency or website designer might have done a fairly good job of building and getting the website up and running, but its just there; not getting traffic, not generating leads and most likely can’t convert leads.

So as a business man or a blogger or someone who needs to achieve specific online or marketing goals, you have probably heard or been told that you need a website to achieve those goals; and the truth is that they might be right. But what exactly do you watch out for you make sure that your website gets to the rank or level of successful websites?

Here at Fovero Digital Technologies, we make sure to ask our clients important questions such as:

  • “What is the main aim of building the website?”
  • “What are the expectations you have from your website?”

These questions are to ensure that these websites meet their specific goals, generates and coverts leads accordingly and gets to be a successful website.

So, what are the things you need to check before and after your website is up and running?

Let’s get started.

What makes a good and successful website?

Mark O’Brien, in his book: A website that works explains what the goals of a good business website are which we believe are the basic essential elements that makes up a good website. These essentials, modified are:

Meeting of primary goals

A good, successful website at first must meet the primary goal for which it was built. If it is a business website, it must be able to represent the business accordingly and do the other essential things such as allowing for your visitors to get across to you easily; if it is an ecommerce website, it should be able to allow people buy goods easily and allows you to upload new goods and update old ones easily; a blog should enable you to write posts and readers read easily etc.

I’m sure you understand the point.

This is solely the job of the Website Design agency or website designer in charge. You might also be thinking “But this is the easy part, why will people a website that doesn’t do what I need to; is that even possible” Unfortunately, we have had a lot of cases when clients come to us for a brand new website of total redesign because the website design agency they gave the project to didn’t do a good job.

So, ensure you give your website to a good website design agency like us. You can also check our business website prices or request a quote here.

Generation of leads

Your website should be able to generate and attract leads to you and your business. It should be more than just a credibility tool but a hub for attracting the audience that you want and need.

Bringing leads to the area of the website they are most interested in

You should ensure that your website is built to successfully guide visitors into the place they need to go. There should be easy navigation to allow visitors to learn more about you, contact you, get a quote when they want to. This would enable you to guide and nurture your leads down and along the sales funnel.

Conversion of leads

Ultimately, your website should be able to convert at least a reasonable amount of leads it generates to become clients. This usually seems to be a difficult thing to achieve but it is very possible to achieve with the right digital marketing strategy.

Read about our introduction to digital marketing.

These goals aren’t only for a business website but for all types of websites such as blogs, ecommerce, portals etc.

Do you really want your website to be successful? First, rate your website current state and check out which of these your website actually meets.

What do the best websites have in common?

Do you know that some websites are still helping their business win and generating organic leads daily? In fact, the present global pandemic has actually given the websites/businesses that can make use to opportunities more chance to generate organic leads through their website.

Read about the effect of coronavirus on businesses and digital marketing

To answer the question above, let us take a look at some of the things the best websites have in common:

Active Digital Marketing

The best websites when you look closely at them have active marketing online about them. You can and will always find well written and well-planned digital marketing campaigns through the internet and enables their prospective clients to find and reach out to them.

Valuable Content

These websites are built and focus around creating valuable contents and not just classical, outdated and ineffective sales messages. They are different from other websites in that they are not built as flat online brochures or sales flyers. Valuable contents that helps people are actually found on them.

Engage visitors

Yes, they are engaging! Have you thought of some of the best websites you have ever been on; what makes them stand out? They are engaging and built on and with interactive contents; with the best and latest web technologies, well written codes (regardless of the languages/frameworks). They have sections which provides valuable contents to engage visitors.

Builds Relationships

Great website actually builds and fosters relationships. Apart from the other points listed above, they make visitors happy to be on them. Usually they have a way for people to contact them instantly such as an effective, active contact page, live chat, WhatsApp chat etc.

Amazing Design

It is said: “Great content deserves amazing design”.

Imagine you have to give an online presentation and you have prepared great and amazing content to share out, made your research and you are fully and well prepared to dish out that information. However, you forgot to type well, organize and arrange your presentation materials which you plan give out. Chances are the eagerness for people to read the materials would decrease significantly if there is at all.

You have just successfully getting people less interested in your presentation.

Same rule applies to successful website design. Your should ensure it is built with amazing User Interface and Experience Design. It excites the visitors, clients and more when they come on to it.

This why it is very important to contact a website design agency that understands what you need. 

That is one of the many things that makes Fovero Digital Technologies a very successful website and a great choice as your website design agency.

Don’t forget to check out Best Business Empowerment Program to Get Your Business Online in 2020.

What are the qualities of a successful website?

We have itemized the essential things to checklist as qualities of a successful website, so let’s get down to it:

Center for your marketing content and efforts

It should be a hub and center of all of your activities. Everything you do in and out should make a reference to and have a place on your website. Your campaigns should lead here successfully and have a place here. It should make it clear to people that they have come to the right place.

A complete representation of what you do

“Website Promote you 24/7: No employee will do that”

Paul Cookson

Your website should represent you or your business when you are not there. It should tell people all over the world, who you are, what you do and what you stand for. It should be the best ambassador for you in the world.

Focused on your users/clients

Your website needs to embody user/client-focused attitude such as addressing the needs, problems and concerns. It should be built from a user’s point of view even if it is about and for you and your business.


Successful websites engage web visitors with you, your posts, business, services, products and many more. It needs to be designed differently and unique.


While there is still place for static websites, dynamic websites are winning the race and at such you should make sure your website is built dynamically. Successful websites are never built just as an online brochure or credibility tool. They are much more than that and more engaging.


This is a very important aspect as the marketing purpose/aim of every businesses is to make sales and more sales. Successful websites are powerful tools for generating organic leads and then converting them into clients.

Read more about generating leads below

What you should have on your website to make it a success

To ensure your website becomes successful, here are some essential features that are not only based on the website design point of view but from you and the digital marketing point of view. We have highlighted for you to checklist the following:

  • Clear message: You should let people know who you are, and what you
  • Valuable content: Include contents that would establish you as expert on what you say and do
  • Interactive and engaging contents: Contents that would make them enjoy and revisit your website over
  • Engagement tools: Examples include social share buttons, comment section, enquiry forms
  • Blog section: A place to write to your audience
  • Analytics: Ability to measure who come to your website and when
  • Clear navigation and layout: Beautifully designed but not confusing interface
  • Active contact page and medium: Contact forms, Live chat, WhatsApp chats etc
  • Social Media Integration: Ability for people to follow you up on social media channels
  • Clear Call to Actions (CTAs): Clear CTAs across the website is very important to enable them to do what you want them to.
  • Newsletter Subscription: Allow people to subscribe to your email list  
  • Search function: Give people to option to find things easily by searching
  • Marketing Strategy: Have a well-planned digital marketing strategy to complement your efforts
  • Others: Other things to consider and includes mobile friendliness, strong visual design, content management/blogging system.

Generating leads from your website:  Inbound Marketing

According to HubSpot

“Inbound marketing is a business methodology that attracts customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them.”


Inbound marketing is a lead generation type of digital marketing; and this is what your website should do and aim towards.

An inbound marketing strategy usually includes using different channels and contents for lead generation (attracting prospects and customers) to your website and converting them. It however is not enough to attract and generate leads, you should plan on how to nurture them till sales have been made.

Successful websites are center for marketing activities of successful businesses.

You should endeavour to get a good website design agency who understands and knows how to create successful website.

Here at Fovero Digital Technologies, we ensure to build successful websites for our clients at affordable prices.

Definition of Terms

  • Digital Marketing: Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all of your company’s online marketing efforts which is why it could also be termed as online marketing.
  • Inbound Marketing: A business methodology that attracts customers by creating valuable content.
  • CTA: Stands for Call to Action to encourage people to take a specific action
  • Analytics: Measuring the people you’re reaching.
  • Leads: Potential clients that are interested in what you do.
  • Conversion: The process of making potential clients into actual clients or the process of making sales
Editorial Team

Editorial Team

Fovero Digital Technologies' Editorial Staff is a team of Tech experts led by Odewale Ayomide. We are a world class Graphics, Web and Digital Marketing agency operating from Lagos, Nigeria.

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